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Information to Add Special Assistance on Alaska Airlines.

Making flight bookings with Alaska Airlines is always beneficial as you will receive extra baggage allowance, easy modification after bookings, quick refunds on cancellations, etc. If you are looking to travel with any disabled traveler who wants any special needs, such as a wheelchair, mobility devices, oxygen, respiratory devices, etc., at the airport or on the aircraft, then you can add it. There are different assistance provided by Alaska Airlines, such as hearing, Alaska Airlines elderly assistance, service animals, vision, etc. If you are looking for the complete details to add special assistance, terms & conditions of special assistance, etc., then you can go through below. 

What are the ways to request Alaska Airlines Special Assistance? 

Different online or offline modes are available to add special assistance to your Alaska Airlines reservation. To know these modes, you must go through below. 

Use the official website:

You can use the official website of Alaska Airlines to add assistance to your reservation, but if you want to Request Alaska Airlines assistance using the online option, then you can have a look at the points below. 

  • Reach to the official website of Alaska Airlines 
  • Click to open the Manage Booking section.
  • Enter your last name with the booking reference number 
  • Select Add Special Assistance and then mention the details of the assistance you want to add 
  • Save the details, and if there are charges available, then pay them

Using Special Assistance phone number:

You must call this Alaska Airlines special assistance phone number 1 (800) 654-5669 or 1 (828) 902-7522 to communicate with an Alaska Airlines agent and then choose the comfortable connecting language. After that, from the IVR opt options select those that relate to your queries

Passengers will be able to make the Alaska Airlines wheelchair request; still, if you are getting any issues or want more details, then you can reach out to Alaska Airlines' official website.

What are the policies of Alaska Airlines' special assistance? 

There are several policies provided by Alaska Airlines for special assistance, and having information about those policies is essential to make your trip more convenient. 

  • To add assistance, you must request at least 48 hours before the departure. After surpassing that time, you are unable to add any assistance. 
  • You have to provide all the assistance-related documents while adding them to your bookings and when making the check-in from the airport. 
  • If any traveler has a cognitive or developmental disability, do not allow by the airline to travel with an infant or child passenger who is less than 17 years old. 
  • On the departure date, if you have any international flight, you have to arrive 4 hours before the departure, and for domestic bookings 2 hours before the departure. 
  • Suppose you purchase an Alaska Airlines ticket online. Then, under the additional services tab, you will have to mention wheelchair assistance, with which you can easily add amenities and get an escort for personal travel. 
  • After adding any assistance to your booking, you can only check in from the Alaska Airlines counter at the airport.

For more information to add Alaska Airlines Assistance:

1. What is the phone number for Alaska Airlines disability assistance?

To request special service on Alaska Airlines 1-800-503-0101 or 828-902-7522(Alaska Airlines Special Assistance Phone Number) for the person with disabilities. (dial 171 for relay services)

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