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Know About Alaska Airline Seat Selection:

Alaska Airlines is the sixth-largest Airline in the US and has secured a 4-star rating for its services. If you happen to be flying to any of the 15 destinations it covers and have a query about seat selection and how to go about it, you need to read this. The general public is usually not aware of the policies and rules holding such services in place, but if you need to utilize them to the best of your interest, you should know the answer to these common seat election queries. 

Can you choose a seat on Alaska Airlines?

When you book a service, you have the right to select how you would like to use it. The same can be said about this airline; you can select a seat on Alaska Airlines during the check-out time. While moving from the ticket selection window and before landing on the payment window, you will have the choice to select the seat you prefer. A digital sitting map will pop up, and you will be required to select a seat as per your needs. 

However, passengers must note that they are under no obligation to book a seat. If you don't wish to spend any amount of money/points on the seat selection, then you may leave this option. When you don't select a seat, the boarding staff will automatically assign you a random seat based on your availability. You can choose the seat you prefer at this point as well; however, the assignment will depend on availability. 

How do I select a seat on Alaska Airlines?

You can choose a seat on Alaska Airlines by using the official website or dial +1 828 902 7522(Travel agency contact) to help in Alaska air seat selection an affordable cost.

1. Through Website/Mobile Application: 

  • Visit on the browser or by an app.
  • Click on “Manage reservations”.
  • Enter your booking number and name on the ticket to get access.
  • Retrieve the flight details you wish to select a seat on.
  • Make your choice and click the confirmation button. 
  • Make the required payment through cash or through the points. 

The airline will send an email acknowledging your selection. 

2. Through Customer Support:

  • Visit Alaska air official website.
  • Go to the option “Contact us”.
  • Select your region/Country.
  • Find Alaska airline's phone number in that area.
  • Now, Dial Alaska airline's customer service number to request get a seat of your choice.

3. Through Travel Agency:

You can choose a seat on Alaska airlines by dialing +1 828 902 7522(OTA) helps to select a seat on an Alaska Airlines flight of your choice at an affordable price.

Selecting your seat and paying the Alaska Airlines seat selection fee is easier when someone else does it. You just have to connect with a travel planner, book a trip through them, and they will take care of everything. 

How much does Alaska Airlines charge for seat selection?

Usually, if you select your seat on Alaska airlines it's free of cost which is $0. But, if you select your main cabin and upgrade it to premium Alaska airlines will charge $15 to choose your seat in premium. For additional questions/clarification or bookings/reservations, please connect with Alaska Airlines customer care. To attend to your needs the team works 24*7. 

phone3 +1 828 902 7522
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