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Can you use Alaska miles on LATAM, and How?

LATAM Airlines commonly deals in both cargo as well as passenger air transportation services. It is also referred to as Chile flag carrier, and LATAM Airlines allows the option to use Alaska Miles. You will be able to know the concept behind Alaska Airlines Miles to LATAM Airlines and how easily it can be used to book future flights. Also, Alaska Miles can be used properly only when you have correct information about its procedures, and it can be redeemed only before the expiration date.

Does Alaska Airlines Miles can be used on LATAM business class tickets?

Yes, you can use the Alaska Airlines available Miles while booking the business class LATAM flight tickets. You can also use Alaska Miles on LATAM Business Class only through the online process after logging in to their registered accounts. Around 45,000 Alaska Miles are required if you want to book business class single trip tickets on LATAM Airlines from the USA to South America.

Similarly, in case you want to reach South American destinations from the USA in LATAM economy class tickets, you have to use around 25,000 Alaska Miles points. So, before going for any LATAM ticket purchase, you can check the available Alaska Airlines Miles from the Mileage Plus accounts on its official accounts.

Is it possible to use Alaska Miles on LATAM international flights?

Yes, Alaska has the flexibility when it comes to Miles use and you can use it to book any international flights on LATAM Airlines. But, to use Alaska Miles on LATAM International, it is necessary for you to redeem from the Mileage Plus accounts. You can also do some other activities with the use of Alaska Airlines Miles points.

  • Go with online Award travel booking via Alaska Miles
  • Purchase extra Miles if necessary for flight booking or additional services.
  • You can also "Use Miles" to check LATAM award space availability.

How can I book LATAM Airlines Online tickets through Alaska Miles?

Both standard Airlines are reliable partners with each other and facilitate the options of flight booking through an online process. Before booking the LATAM flight tickets through Alaska Airlines, you have redeemed the Miles from Mileage Plus accounts successfully. Also, follow some specific procedures to prevent any confusion.

  • Visit LATAM Airlines' standard websites
  • Now, choose the trip type, class, and number of passengers along with going with "Use Miles" for fight ticket booking.
  • Enter some other essential fight details such as origin, destination, and exact date on which you want to continue the journey.
  • Also, add the Alaska Airlines Mileage Plus number on the LATAM Airlines reservation section.
  • From the many available flight options after the search, you can make successful payments.
  • Thus, your LATAM flight tickets are booked with the use of Alaska Miles.

Contact the LATAM Airlines customer against for flight booking using Miles:

Contact the LATAM Airlines customer executives through the Phone when you often have problems while using the online procedures for flight booking. You can now call LATAM customer service at 1(806) 256-8457 1-800-961-0056/1 (866) 435-9526 and ask for reservation assistance. You can also tell all the necessary flight details and Alaska Mileage Plan numbers which have Miles for reservation. Airlines agents will assist you soon with flight reservations. 

So, using the above details, LATAM Airlines flight tickets can be booked with the help of Alaska Airlines Miles.

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