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Can I add Extra Baggage after Flight booking?

Yes, the passenger can indeed add extra baggage to my ticket international and domestic reservations that they have made. The following process can be followed for addition of baggage with the airline:

  • Addition of baggage with the airline through the online portal: 

The passenger can always add additional baggage other than the allocated baggage weight through the official website of the airline, either through My Trips or directly via the Online Check-In portal. The passenger would need to pay the extra amount for the extra bags they carry as per the airline's policy.

  • Connecting with the staff at the airport for adding baggage:

At the airport check-in counter, the staff present would help the passengers add additional baggage apart from the baggage allowance allotted to them at a cost fixated following the policies for baggage. The team would weigh in all the bags and then tell the total charge that would be applied. 

An important point to remember: The passenger can add baggage after booking, which is available till 36 hours before the scheduled departure of the airline by payment of additional charges that would be taken as per the flight chosen, fare type, and the destination traveled. 

When can I add Extra Baggage on Flight?

The passenger who booked with the airline can add their extra baggage in case they want to during the check-in process with the airline. This would clear the doubt of the passenger how to add extra baggage to my flight as the steps for the same are given below:

  • Skip through the official website of the respective Airline.
  • Find the My Booking/ My Trips icon and make a selection. 
  • Enter all the credentials as per the requisite to retrieve the booking made.
  • Check through the details of the flight booked along with the menu list given.
  • Select the add extra baggage icon and proceed further to give particulars of baggage added. 
  • Review the details added, make payment, and submit. 
  • The airline would send a confirmation mail to the passenger with the updated attributes of the booking with additional baggage added. 

Point to Note: The passenger who have failed to add the checked baggage during their online check-in process need not worry as they can approach the staff at the airport to add the extra baggage they carry within the additional limit specified. 

How do I add Extra baggage to my Flight ticket?

There are two major ways through which the passenger can add extra baggage to my ticket international as well as domestic destinations by means of the methodological techniques given here as follows:

  • Extra baggage addition through call:

The passengers can call an agent at +1 806 256 8457(alternative airlines agent contact number) the agent from the airline if in doubt about; how to add extra baggage to their flight after booking?; which can be done well in advance before the scheduled departure of the flight. The representative with the airline would make a note of all the details shared, explain all the policy pointers, and then help the passenger add extra baggage to their ticket. 

  • Visit the ticketing office of the airline to add bags:

There is ample assistance provided by the airline officials to the passengers who would like to add bags for their trip apart from the allowed ones. The agents with the airline also help provide the necessary support in case a passenger requires the same. The process would be the same, where an amount needs to be deposited for confirmation of prepayment of excess baggage.

Key Element to consider to add extra baggage on Airlines after booking:

The passenger who travels in elite or business may get provided with the provision to carry additional baggage at no extra cost apart from the checked and carry bags allowed normally. This is given as a complimentary amenity to the passenger mostly. 

How much does it cost to add Extra baggage on Airlines?

From airline to airline, the cost to add baggage to my flight varies invariably. The passenger, thus, can usually get charged between 100 USD to 200 USD, which can change as per the factors given below for extra checked bags carried:

  • The total number of extra bags that need to be checked in apart from the checked bags that are allowed with the specific airline. 
  • The class in which the passenger has booked travel can offer them various additional offers and discounts.
  • The weight of the individual bags that the passenger is carrying and the total weight of the checked bags.
  • The destination to which the travel is being made and the total distance that is being traveled by the airline. 
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