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How do I add an additional baggage allowance to Qatar Airways? 

Adding additional baggage at Qatar Airways is very easy, and anybody can do it. There are two ways to buy and add extra baggage: first, online through the website of Qatar Airways, and second, via phone call. Both of the methods are highly effective, and you can use any of them. Qatar Airways advises its passengers to book additional baggage as soon as possible to get extra discounts. Those who want to buy the baggage at the airport must visit the airport at least 3 hours before the flight departure.

The Steps Required to book Extra Baggage to Qatar Airways via phone call:

  1. Dial Qatar Airways customer service phone number +1 877 777 2827 or +1 806-256-8457 and follow the IVR commands.
  2. Press the key for baggage.
  3. Wait for an agent to connect with you.
  4. After that, ask them about additional baggage.
  5. Add baggage and choose the payment mode.
  6. And your baggage will be successfully added.

What is the Extra Baggage fee at Qatar Airways?

The extra baggage fee at Qatar Airways depends on the route of the flight and the weight of the baggage. Passengers must buy extra baggage at least 3 hours before the flight departure; after that, additional charges will apply. If you want to know Qatar Airways extra baggage price for international flights, then make sure to read the following pointers:

Traveling from:

  • Europe - $13 to $25

  • ISC and Pakistan- $10 to $30

  • South/East Asia - $13 to $40

  • Japan and Korea - $13 to $55

  • Central Asia - $13 to $30

  • Iran - $8 to $20

  • Australasia - $15 to $55

  • GCC - $8 to $20

  • Qatar - QAR 28 TO QAR 70

Does Qatar Airways have a baggage calculator? 

Yes, Qatar Airways has a baggage calculator on its official website Passengers can use Qatar Airways' Extra baggage calculator to get an idea about the price of extra baggage and choose to pay either online or at the airport. Please remember that extra baggage is charged per kg, except to/from Africa/Americas, which they are charged per piece.

How can I pay for extra baggage in Qatar Airways? 

There are many ways to add extra baggage at Qatar Airways, and so are the payment methods. Passengers can choose to pay Qatar Airways extra baggage payment online or at the airport check-in counter. However, if you want to save money, try to pre-purchase your baggage via the Qatar Airways website. Passengers can get a whopping 70% discount for buying the extra baggage online in bulk. The steps required to pay for extra baggage are:

  • Go to Manage Booking at the Qatar Airways website
  • After you are done adding extra baggage.
  • Head to the payment gateway.
  • Choose to pay using cards or miles.
  • And make the payment.

Can I add Extra baggage to Qatar Airways Economy?

Yes, passengers can add extra baggage to Qatar Airways Economy tickets by paying the excess baggage fees. Passengers can buy extra baggage online by visiting Manage Booking or via phone call at the Qatar Airways sales office. Follow these steps to add extra baggage to your Economy ticket at Qatar Airways:

  • Open Qatar Airways' official website
  • Look for Manage Booking and select it.
  • Find your flight using the login credentials.
  • Go to add services and choose extra baggage.
  • Add the baggage and pay the baggage fees.
  • And your baggage will be added.

What is Qatar Airways' extra baggage policy for students?

Qatar Airways have some special discounts and baggage allowance for their student tickets. In order to access the benefits, one must be enrolled in the Student Club to avail of Qatar Airways extra baggage for students; the policies for the same are as follows:

  • He/She must have a Student Club card, which will be asked at the time of check-in.
  • They must be enrolled with the Student Club.
  • The additional baggage allowance applies and corresponds to the member’s tier level.
  • There is an extra baggage allowance with every student ticket fare at Qatar Airways.
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