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Can a ticket be booked online and Pay Later in Vistara?

Yes, passengers can book their tickets online and can pay later on Vistara Airlines. But make sure to contact customer service first to get the details and to know if the Book Vistara Airlines and pay later service is available. Or the passengers can visit the official page of Vistara Airlines to know about the pay later services.

How do I book a Vistara flight ticket and pay later?

Vistara is an Indian airline that offers its passengers the option to book flight tickets and pay later through its "Book Now, Pay Later" scheme. Here's how you can book a Vistara flight ticket and pay later:

  • You must visit the Vistara website from any of the web browsers.
  • Now on the Vistara official website, select the "Book Now, Pay Later" option from the dashboard.
  • Enter your travel details, such as the arrival and destination cities, travel dates, the number of passengers, the type and class of the tickets.
  • A list of Vistara flights available for the destination on the preferred date will be displayed.
  • Choose your preferred flight from the available options, and click "Continue."
  • Enter the required passenger details, such as name, age, contact information, etc., and click the "Continue" option.
  • Choose the "Book Now, Pay Later" option from the available payment options.
  • Lastly, check your booking details and click "Submit" to complete the booking.

About Pay later: After booking i.e, hold flight Vistara flight ticket without payment, you will receive an email from Vistara with instructions on how to make the payment. You can pay later within the specified time frame, which may vary based on the ticket fare and other factors.

Note that the "Book Now, Pay Later" option is subject to availability and applicable only for select flights and fares. Also, make sure to read and understand the terms and conditions of this payment option before making a booking. To understand the rule, call customer service or go through the official website of Vistara.

How long Can I hold a flight ticket on Vistara without paying?

Pay later is helpful for the passenger who has made an early booking. Since the passengers will have to pay the ticket fee 15 days before their flight departure, if a passenger plans to book within 15 days, the pay later services cannot be applicable. And always contact the customer service of Vistara airlines to know about the Book Vistara Airlines and pay later service.

For any further details or need to contact customer service, visit the contact page and reach the representative of Vistara Airlines.

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