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Can I change my flight with Air France?

Yes, you can change your flight to Air France. In addition, you can do it if you want to change a flight from the airline due to some reason or a change in plan. However, there are many ways to change your flight online and at the airport. So, here you will get the information about the Air France flight change policy, and further, you will get the information about how you will change your flight at Air France.

How do I change my flight on Air France?

  1. Visit Air France website, or +1-304-701-2747(OTA,Air France change phone) 
  2. Navigate to “My Trips”.
  3. Enter your reservation number and last name.
  4. Next, select your Air France ticket from the dashboard.
  5. Further, choose the option “change flight”.
  6. Enter the new date/destination/name you want to change and save it.
  7. Pay the Air France Change fee if applicable to you.

Hence, Air France airline will send you the conformation change of your flight change the reservation of the ticket on your phone at official mail and SMS text message.

What is Air France Change flight policy?

However, here are some guidelines that Air France rules through changing flights at departures are:

  • If you want to change a flight on Air France, you must change it within 24 hours of purchasing to get it free of cost.
  • Air France penalty charge for change in flight will apply on the booking request before seven days at departure arrival time, and the journeyer has to pay for it. 
  • You must pay up to Air France change flight fee of 25 USD after 24 hours of buying tickets during flight change.
  • In addition, if the penalty will applicable, you have to pay USD 35 to the airline while changing flights with Air France.
  • You can’t share or give your ticket to anyone//unknown person because it is against Air France’s policies or guidelines while changing your flight.
  • If Air France can cancel your flight, the Air France customer service will provide an option to change your flight, or it will refund you.

In addition, if you want to change, here you will get the steps to follow the steps.

How much does it cost to change the flight date to Air France?

Therefore, if you make some changes in the flight, date, name, or more, the airlines will take charge of you. So, according to the Air France change flight policy, passengers need to pay around $20 to $35 for an Air France change flight. In addition, with this, you will change the date of the flight according to your choice and as per your preference. In addition, if you want to don’t pay any type of charge, you must make changes within a booking as per the airlines’ guidelines. So, don’t be shy or hesitate to make changes according to your desires or essentiality. 

How many times can I change a flight to Air France?

So, if you want to change your flight to Air France many times, you can do it. However, according to the airlines, you can make changes on Air France same-day change of booking the flights. In addition, you can only make changes when you do modifications on the day 24 hours after buying tickets without paying any extra fees.

Thus, if you facing such issues while changing, you must contact the live agent through call, text, mail, or social media. So, For more, you can also visit them virtually and physically by meeting at the airport.

phone3 +1 304 701 2747
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