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Can I make changes to the flight date with KLM?

KLM airlines provide several facilities when you travel with them, but for some reasons like weather and health issues, if your plan changes, you can also modify your bookings and change the date of departure. You can take the help of representatives of KLM airlines for klm change flight date, or you change the date online. 

 What is the KLM change flight policy?

The information about the flight change policies is essential as it will give you knowledge that you can change the flight without paying any charges or you need to pay for changing the flight. Read below for detailed information about KLM change flight date policies. 

  • If you make the bookings from the official website of KLM airlines and change the flight within 24 hours of bookings, you will not need to pay the charges. After the 24 hours free flight change policy, you need to pay the charges for making the change in the bookings-.
  • According to the KLM flight change policy, you can only change the flight if there is a seat available on the newly selected flight; if there is no seat open, you will not be able to change it. 
  • Suppose your flight is delayed due to the fault of KLM airlines, like technical issues. In that case, you can change the flight without paying any charges, but if the flight is delayed due to any genuine problem like a bird strike or bad weather, you need to pay the flight changing cost. 
  • If you or your family member gets any medical issue after making the bookings, then you will not need to pay the KLM change flight date cost, but you need to show the relevant documents to the officials of the KLM airlines. 
  • If the flight ticket is purchased through miles, you can change it without a fee.
  • If you purchase insurance while buying the ticket, you can do KLM change the flight date without paying any charges. 

How do I change my flight date on KLM?

  • Visit the website of KLM airlines,, or +1 802 332 0104(KLM Flight change phone number)
  • Click on "My Trips"
  • After this, you must fill out the surname and booking number in the available space. 
  • Next, all your bookings will come on the screen; you must select which bookings you want to change. 
  • Then you must go to the date change tab and select the new date to travel from the calendar. 
  • Following this, you need to save the change, and then if you see any payments pay that by using your card or other online modes. 
  • Last you will get a mail of successfully changing the flight on the given contact mail id and number. 

How much does it cost to change the flight date with KLM?

Per the KLM flight change policy, the cost for flight change on KLM airlines will vary depending on your fare and the time left on the boarding date. If you have any international destination flight bookings, you must pay the flight change fee between 250 USD and to 320USD. For domestic flights, you have to spend between 180USD and 250USD. 

How long before KLM flight can you change it?

If you book a flight to visit any domestic destination, you can change the flight five hours before departure. Bookings done by you for any domestic destination you can change the flight of KLM airlines four hours before the departure time. You can not change the flight after making the check-in; in that case, you need to communicate on KLM, change flight phone numbers, and get a representative's help. 

How many times can you change a KLM ticket?

It will depend upon your fare type; if you have a flexible flight ticket, you can change the flight three times, but if you have any standard bookings, you can only change the flight for one time. Bookings done by you through offers or packages, you will not be able to change the flight date.

Can you change the name on a flight ticket with KLM?

Yes, you can change the name on the KLM flight ticket, but you can only modify three letters of your middle or last name. If you want to modify more letters in your name, you can dial this KLM, change your flight phone number to 800-618-0101/1 806 256 8457, and communicate with the representatives of KLM airlines. To change the name, you need to show all the relevant documents in which that name is available. 

Can I change my KLM flight date for free?

Yes, you can change the travel date without paying charges if you do it within 24 hours of flight bookings and the time left on the departure date is more than seven days. KLM airlines also allow you to change the flight for free if you change it due to a health issue or a delayed flight. 

How late can I change my KLM flight?

According to the KLM change flight policy, the passenger can make changes or modifications to their flight details without paying the service fee up to 30 hours prior to the flight departure schedule. 

  • You can make changes to your flight details if you have purchased your flight ticket from the official site of the KLM airline. 
  • You can make changes in your flight details within 24 hours of ticket booking then you will not have to pay the flight change fees.
  • On the other hand, if you change your flight details after 24 hours of ticket booking, you will have to pay the flight change fees.

How do I contact KLM to change my flight?

You can contact the airline to change your flight through KLM change flight phone number 800-618-0104 can be dialed from your preferred region and is available twenty-four hours and seven days. The number will connect you with a customer service professional. After connecting with the representative, you need to provide the booking details ( booking reference number and last name). According to that, the airline personnel will provide you with the flight details, and now you can make changes according to your convenience.

Can I change my flight time with KLM?

You can apply for the KLM change flight date online mode in which you will get the website where the flight change option will let you make changes in your flight schedule. You can go through the procedure mentioned below, which is explained in layman's language so that you can apply the steps without expert guidance.

  • You need to open the official page of the KLM.
  • Then move to the login portal and sign up with your account.
  • After that, move to the manage booking tab and click on it.
  • Following that, enter your booking reference number and last name and click on continue.
  • Now the page will show you the list of flights, select your suitable flight and click on the flight change button.
  • At last, you can make changes in your flight time according to your plans, and the airline will drop the confirmation code message on your registered email address.
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