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How can you change your seat on Etihad?

Yes, you can change seats with Etihad Airways. You only need to ensure that you have followed the proper procedure on their official website. Also, you need to ensure that you made the booking on their official website. In case you got the ticket booking through a third party. Then you would need to connect with them for a Etihad seat change. 

What is the Etihad seat Change policy?

You can go through the seat change policy of Etihad below. Then you'll be able to make the changes and save the change seat fee. Then you'll be able to save your money. 

  1. Within 24 hours of booking, you can make a free Etihad seat change. 
  2. You can make the changes by yourself only if you have purchased the ticket from the official website of Etihad Airways. If you have made the booking through a third party, you need to connect with them for a seat change. 
  3. You can make the Etihad seat change within two hours before the departure time of the flight. 

Can I change my seat with Etihad?

  1. Access,, Etihad airway's official website.
  2. Select the option of "Manage".
  3. Now enter the booking number or passenger's name.
  4. Select the option of "Find My Booking".
  5. Choose the "Change Seat".
  6. Now Pay the Etihad change seat fee.

That is it. Now you need to choose the seat of your choice. You'll be able to select the center of your choice once you have chosen a suitable chair for yourself. Then you will receive a confirmation email on the email address registered with the airlines. You can save the email to refer back to it if required. 

What is the Etihad seat change fee?

The Etihad change seat fee is between USD10 to USD30. To know more details about the seat change, you can even connect with the customer support team of Etihad Airways. 

How do I contact for a changing seat in Etihad Airways?

You need to call on +1 802 200 9500, to change your seat on Etihad Airways. For Etihad seat selection, you can talk to Etihad customer service and then they help to provide.

phone3 +1 802 200 9500
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