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Can I change the passenger name to Malaysia Airlines?

Many times while booking flight tickets, passengers enter incorrect names, and they wish to make amendments. They are also sometimes confused about whether airlines allow them to make changes or not. If you are also confused about the same, then you must know that airlines do not allow ticket holders to make complete name changes. However, certain changes are permissible. Many passengers do not have sufficient information regarding Malaysia Airlines' name change, and they search for details to make modifications. If you are also searching for a name change process, then you can refer to the details mentioned in the following section of the article. You must also take note that you provide reasons for your name change and, if required, attach the documents verifying your concern. 

What are Malaysia Airlines' name change policies?

There are many passengers who, after entering Malaysia Airlines wrong name, search for the name changes process; they must go through the important name change policies. Some of the important name-change policies are mentioned below. You can refer to them and follow to make changes:

  • If any passenger wishes to make name changes on Malaysia Airlines, then they must request it within the initial 24 hours to avoid paying any name change fees.
  • If any passenger requests to make name changes after 24 hours, then he must pay a name change fee.
  • Customers can only make name modifications up to three characters, and they cannot make an entire name change.
  • If you have by mistakenly entered an incorrect initial of your name, then you can make changes accordingly. 
  • If the reason for your name change is marriage, divorce, or any other legal issue, then you are permitted to make name changes. You must not forget to attach the supporting documents to verify your name change request. 
  • Passengers must always take note that they are not permitted to make name modifications after they check-in. 

Here are steps to change the name on Malaysia Airlines flight ticket:

There are many passengers who, at the time of reservation, enter incorrect name information and wish to make changes post-booking. Sometimes these passengers do not have sufficient information and look for a process to change their passenger name to Malaysia Airlines flight ticket. If you are also looking for the procedure, then you can go through the following important online steps and proceed:

  • Visit the website of Malaysia Airlines.
  • You can now find your ticket by going to the manage section.
  • To find your booking, you can also login into your account and enter the booking reference number and passenger's last name and tap on the search button.
  • When you find your flight, you must click on the edit field and make the relevant and allowed changes.
  • You must also save the changes and press on the confirmation button.
  • Finally, you will get a message on your linked email address or registered number about a name change. 

Is it possible to make Malaysia Airlines name changes by calling customer care services?

Yes, customers have the option to contact the customer care services of Malaysia Airlines and request them to make name changes. For this, they must dial the Malaysia Airline name change phone number: +60 15 46 0000 44/+60 39 212 7151; then need to carefully listen to the instructions given by an automated voice; when the phones are connected to Malaysia Airlines live representative, they need to tell their booking reference number and other travel information and request them to make name changes. If the changes are possible and in accordance with name change policies, then airline representatives will make the desired changes. Passengers will get name change information on their linked email address. 

Are customers required to pay any fee to make name changes on Malaysia Airlines?

Many passengers have confusion regarding the name change fee, and they struggle to obtain an answer. Those passengers must take note that if airlines allow you to make name changes, then you are supposed to pay a name change fee. If the name change request is made within the initial 24 hours of flight booking, then passengers are exempted from paying any fee.

After reading the information provided above, you can make Malaysia Airlines name changes. If you wish to make a Malaysian Airlines middle name change, then you can contact customer services. 

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