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Can I change the name on my ticket on Singapore Airlines?

When you are all set for your journey but suddenly realize that there are some mistakes in your name on your flight ticket. And traveling with those mistakes is not even a choice. However, the name change has to be done on your flight ticket. Otherwise, it will only create hurdles for you in the future. To make changes, you need to know the Singapore airlines name change policy to change your name with all the official guidelines. With all these guidelines, it will become easy for you to change your name. There are also some limitations in their name change policy, and if your changes do not come under those conditions, you might not be able to make changes. Therefore, you should know how and when you can make changes to your name.

Singapore Name Change policy:

All the terms and conditions that are included in Singapore airlines name change policy has given below:

  • If you are changing the name completely, then Singapore Airlines will not allow you to do that, as it could also lead to a change of passenger. 
  • Any changes in the date of birth and gender are not allowed. And if they are necessary, then the required documents will be needed.
  • You can change your name accordingly by submitting the required documents if you get married.
  • If the middle name is missing from your ticket, then you can add the middle name.
  • If your Singapore airlines first name, last name have some spelling mistakes, then you can correct them..
  • Whatever changes you want to make, you must make them at least 24 hours before the departure.
  • You cannot transfer your ticket to anyone, as Singapore Airlines tickets are non-transferable.
  • For the changes, you might have to carry the documents such as a photo identification card, marriage or divorce certificate, passport, or driver's license.

How do I change my passenger name on Singapore Airlines?

1) online: To change your name on Singapore airlines flight ticket or for corrections to it dial +1 806 256 8457 visits to official website The offline and online methods are there to help you in modifying or making corrections to your name:

  • Visit the official website of Singapore Airlines or dial +1 806 256 8457(Singapore Airlines name change).
  • Click on “My Trips”.
  • Fill out your ticket details, such as booking reference or e-ticket number and last name.
  • The ticket details will be open. Go to the Menu and click on "Change."
  • Select Name change from the given options.
  • Make the corrections and upload the required documents and confirm it.
  • You will receive a confirmation for the same.

Soon Singapore Airlines will email you a new ticket with the changes.

2) Offline: In this procedure, you must go to the Airport and the helpdesk. Ask them to make the changes, show them all the necessary documents and wait until they confirm your name change.

How much does it cost to change the name on Singapore Airlines ticket?

The Singapore airlines name change fee differs for each class and depends on the destination and ticket type. Other than that, the time of the name change, what are the changes you want to make etc, affect the cost. The range of charges for each class is given below:

  1. Economy Class - The name change charges for Economy ranges from $75.
  2. Premium Economy Class - Its charges range from $100.
  3. Business Class - Its name change charges start from $200.
  4. First Class - If you want to change your name with a first-class ticket, then the Singapore airlines name change fee will be $500 or above.

Can you change passenger info after booking a flight with Singapore Airlines?

Yes, the changes can only be made after you have booked a flight. If you have not booked a flight with Singapore Airlines, you won't be able to make changes.

How do I add my middle name to my Singapore Airlines ticket?

For some minor changes, Singapore Airlines might not even charge money, but for some big changes, such as date of birth or middle name, the related documents will be required. You can follow any procedure you like. You can change it online through manage booking or by reaching out to the Airport's helpdesk.

Go through all the details and make sure you know Singapore Airlines name format And solve your problems without any trouble. For more information, you can go to the official website of Singapore Airlines.

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