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Can I choose my seat on Qatar Airways?

Qatar is one of the luxurious airlines that allows its passengers to avail of most of the benefits that it can provide to its passengers. If in case, you have booked a seat in a hurry and forgot to select a preferred seat. Airlines always try to comfort their passengers, which is why the airlines have a seat selection facility to avail you of a preferable seat. The content provided below is mentioned to know more about the comfort you can avail for your seats. 

Can I pick up my seat on Qatar Airways?

Yes, you can pick your seats on Qatar Airways even if you travel in a basic economy booking. The paid seat selection facility is available until 4 hours of departure time. For, selecting seats online, you can go to the manage booking section after retrieving your tickets and choose seats of your preference. 

Qatar Airways Seat Selection:

To select a seat on Qatar Airways, you must be aware of the seat selection policy to be able to do so. The policy is hence explained below: 

  • You cannot book seats in a different class in the seat selection process. You shall have to select a seat in the same class. 
  • You are not eligible for a free upgrade in your ticket class. You will have to pay in such cases. 
  • If you select a seat while making the bookings, you are more accessible to seats of your preference as more seats are available at that time. 
  • Seat selection of choice depends on the availability of seats. 
  • You can also check in to select seats. You can choose to do this either online or at the airport. 

How Can I pick my seat on Qatar Airways?

The different methods to select the seat of your choice can be done in many ways. 

  1. Through Online Method: You can choose a preferred seat through the online method by going to the manage my booking section from the official website of Qatar
  2. Through Phone Call: You can select a seat of choice by calling the customer support team of Qatar Airways at 1 (877) 777-2827. The executive on the customer service team will help you with the process of seat selection. 
  3. Through Mobile Application: You can also log in to Qatar's mobile application and select a preferable seat. Download the app and get the process done
  4. Through Online Chat: You can get onto the chat process of Qatar Airways to select a seat of your choice for your comfortable journey by logging in to your registered account.    

How do I choose my seat on a Qatar Airways flight?

  • Go through the official website of Qatar Airways
  • Click on the option "Manage Booking"
  • Enter your E-ticket number or last name to access the dashboard.
  • From the available options, choose the check-in option. 
  • In the next step, it will take you to a different page, which is the page of check-in. 
  • Fill in the passenger's details, such as contact information, destination details, arrival details, etc., to proceed with the process. 
  • Now click on the option of selecting a seat. 
  • This will again direct you to the seat map. Choose a preferable seat and click on the confirm option. 
  • This will take you to a payment page if you have selected a paid seat. 
  • Pay the amount for choosing a seat and confirm your seat. 

How much does it cost to choose a seat on a Qatar flight?

  • If you have a business or first-class booking, you can choose a preferable seat at any moment till 4 hours of the departure time for free. If you have an elite class booking, you are eligible for a booking anytime. In such a case, you will not have to wait for the online check-in to open within 48 hours of the departure time. You are also not entitled to any extra seat payment. 

  • If you have an economy ticket or the fare paid is included in the basic comfort fare, you are eligible to select a seat with an extra payment of $75 per seat if you do it beforehand. But if you want to do it without paying additional charges, you must wait for the 48 hours web check-in process to start to avail of the free seat selection benefit. Moreover, you cannot change the travel class on seat selection. 

Why can't I choose my seat in Qatar?

Sometimes there are worst situations that occur unconditionally due to which passengers cannot select/choose their preferred seat at their convenience. However, if you are facing issues with Qatar Airways seat selection, there must be a list of common queries happening in a series; therefore, to know about the uneven circumstances for choosing a seat on Qatar Airways, you must read the following section for reference.

  • There could be a possibility that Qatar might not be offering complimentary pre-reserved seating on all their flights.
  • Note, another essential point to consider is that Qatar may turn off its seat map tool, or more seats could not be available on Qatar Airways.
  • Thus, these could be the common reasons behind Qatar not allowing passengers to select a seat for pre-reserved assignment.

What is the preferred seat selection in Qatar?

The preferred seat selection on Qatar Airways is a pretty fantastic option available for the passengers because, with Qatar Airways seat selection preferable option, you are allowed to take a seat with your compatibility, which could be selected in front of the plane or near the emergency gate that would vary according to aircraft type. Note preferable seats on Qatar Airways are available at a charge for economy classic, and convenience fares and other terms and conditions are applied accordingly.

Which seat is best in Qatar Airways' economy?

Suppose you have reserved your ticket with Qatar Airways, but you haven't selected a seat due to Qatar airways seat selection not working, then in such situations, the most prominent answer for this query is you may call the representative of Qatar to connect with reservation or customer service agents as they will help you quite phenomenally.

  • Each seat available in Qatar Airways Economy class; is 18 inches wide, and they are included as leading space for the comfort of passengers.
  • Moreover, the legroom space available on Qatar Airways Economy class seats is 31 to 32 inches, arranged in 3-3-3 configurations.
  • Lastly, the best seats for Qatar Airways economy class are 17D, 17E, and 17F, and the rows are 30 seats.

What is the difference between preferred and regular seats in Qatar?

If you are planning to book seats on Qatar Airways, then in such situations, the most competent tool is choosing your preferred seating. Still, if you are confused between select and regular seats, then in that case, you should go through the list of points that are instructed below for your reference.

  • If you select your preferred seat on Qatar Airways, then you can get comfortable seats, and if you choose regular seats, then you might not get sheer comfort as they are less in inches (wide)
  • Moreover, extra legroom space is given to the passengers for Qatar Airways' preferred seats. On the other hand, regular seats might not have that much assistance for the seating travelers 
  • Lastly, both preferable and regular seats are availed from the official website. In preferred seats, if you carry excess luggage, you can choose preferred seats; for standard seats, this option is not available.

Henceforth, suppose you are still confused about whether Qatar airways seat selection is free. In that case, you must contact a customer care representative with an official contact number and get immediate assistance.

What happens if I don't select a seat on Qatar Airways?

If you don't select a seat in Qatar, you will be automatically assigned a left-out seat from Qatar's team. The staff will assign you a seat of their choice which will restrict you to travel in the seat of your preference. In such a case, if a passenger needs special seats you cannot avail the same and may face some problems during the travel. You may choose to contact the customer service team,

 through which they will help you to choose a free seat of your choice. 

Which seat is best on Qatar Airways? 

Every seat is comfortable on Qatar Airways. But if you are looking for the best seats in Qatar, it is the 30th row. These seats are the exit seats that have extra legroom at the same price as that of an economy seat on any other row. The seats in the 16th row also have extra legroom space, but it may hinder the stretchability as it is the row with bulkhead seats.  

Are Qatar economy seats comfortable?

Yes, the economy seats on Qatar flights are comfortable enough. But if you are flying for longer hours, it would be advisable that you travel in the business or first class seats. However, as Qatar is a well-known airline, it is known for its luxury and quality of airport and onboard services and products. It is a five-star certified airline for comfortable seats, in-flight entertainment, complimentary meals, and drinks, free wifi for inflight purchase, extra legroom, cozy bassinet, overhead seats, etc.   

Do I have to pay to choose seats on Qatar Airways?

Qatar Airways allows Standard Seat Selection is for free of charge. If you are traveling in Economy(Comfort or Convenience) then you can select your standard seat free of charge at any time from the moment you book your flight. You need to pay additional charges only for preferred/extra legroom seat selection on Qatar Airways.

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