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Can I get a refund on my Jetstar voucher? 

No, you may not be able to receive any refund on the Jetstar vouchers. But there is some exception on which the vouchers could be reimbursed in the accounts. However, the provisions for the Jetstar Voucher Refund have been raised below points:-

  • When you cancel a reservation within 24 hours of purchase, an amount could be credited back. But there could be a gap of seven days or more in flight departure.
  • If your flight has been delayed by three hours or more and calling a reservation in this situation, a voucher could be reimbursed.
  • When a flight is canceled involuntarily by the airlines without any appropriate reasons, a voucher could also be refunded. 

How do I contact Jetstar re voucher?

Contact Jetstar at or 131 538  also use the phone number, 1300 554 268, and select a language from the IVR menu first. And then pick one from the ahead shared options.

  • Press1 to purchase a vouchers
  • Press4 to check the status of vouchers
  • Press7 to request a replacement 
  • Press0 to speak with the customer service

Can I cancel a Jetstar flight and Get a voucher?

Yes, you can cancel a Jetstar flight and receive a voucher. But the voucher could be received when the payment has been completed by using these. If you need a clue for cancelation and getting a Jetstar voucher refund, then act with the steps written at the bottom.

  • Head to the official website of Jetstar Airlines
  • Later on, click on the manage booking options
  • Now, enter your booking reference number with your email or surname.
  • Further, click on the cancel options
  • And then, you get to choose a flight and click on the confirm cancelation options
  • Afterward, click on the refund options
  • Then fill out the forms and click on the submit options.

How do I use a Jetstar credit voucher?

When you wish to travel with Jetstar, you can use its credit vouchers. And there are distinct modes to use credit vouchers, and the information related to this is stated at the bottom.

Via call:

You can speak with the live persons on call and read out the Jetstar voucher code to pursue the booking efficiently. So, you can dial the contact number, 1 (866) 397-8170, and then pick an appropriate option from the Telephone menus.

Via online:

If you cannot get through the process with customer service, then carry on independently by the online modes. Thus, if you need a clue about using these modes, follow up on the points.

  • Open the authenticated website of Jetstar Airlines
  • Then, click on the flight icon and share the flight information
  • And then choose a flight with the fare class
  • After that, you get to share the details of every passenger.
  • On the review and pay tab, choose to use a voucher options
  • Further, enter your voucher code and click on the finish options.

How long do Jetstar vouchers take to Arrive?

Whenever you could apply for the voucher o ac n Jetstar Airline, then a gift card can be received according to the prescribed times. You can receive a voucher in the email within 24 hours, but posting could take about eight business days. While receiving the Jetstar voucher code through any of the methods, you can purchase services from the airlines.

Can I use 2 Jetstar vouchers for 1 booking?

Yes, you could use two vouchers for a single booking on Jetstar Airlines. If you get values left in the vouchers after redeeming them, you may forfeit the remaining amount. If you have multiple vouchers and their expiry date is near, you can request the Jetstar voucher extension. But it could be the airlines' discretion, or it could expire on the prescribed period. 

Can I turn my Jetstar voucher into a refund?

Yes, you turn a Jetstar voucher into a refund. That a refund is credited to the modes of payment used when making the reservation. If you have made a booking with the help of a voucher, then reimbursement could be received within 24 hours on the registered emails. Further, you could not face any confusion, such as a refund on my Jetstar voucher, because the detail about that is stated here.

Can I change my Jetstar voucher for cash?

No, you may not be able to change your Jetstar voucher for cash. But you could use it for buying any services available on the airlines. Moreover, you can use multiple vouchers in one reservation but within their expiration period. 

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