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Can I make a phone call on a Delta flight?

In case you have a flight with Delta, and you need to attend a very important call on the flight and are worried about how you will attend the call on a Delta Flight. According to Delta Airlines policy, passengers’ electronic devices should be in flight mode as it may disrupt the signals on the ground. But if the call is very important, then you can make a call on the flight with the permission of an official.

How can I make a phone call on a Delta flight?

To be able to make a call on the Delta Flight, you need to connect to the flight’s wi-fi, and you need to pay the service charges for the wi-fi connection. Follow the below steps to connect your phone to the flight’s Wi-Fi and make a call while flying on the Delta Flight:

  • Turn on the Wi-Fi on your device,
  • Connect with the flight’s wi-fi connectivity,
  • Then, go to the settings on your phone,
  • Click on the Cellular option,
  • Enable the Wi-Fi calling feature,
  • Some pop-ups may appear while doing so,
  • Now, you can make a call at Delta Flight with Wi-Fi connectivity.

After connecting your device with the Delta flight’s wi-fi, you can use Whatsapp, google duo, or another calling provider app to make a call to the desired person. The internet connection will allow you to contact someone from the middle of the sky. 

How do I call on a Delta flight a representative?

You can reach out to a Delta representative for your queries by availing of their contact number from the website. The below steps will help you to reach the customer service team by phone:

  • Dial the Delta Airlines Phone Number 800-221-1212 or 1 406 902 1212
  • Follow the instructions of IVR,
  • Press 1 for flight status,
  • Press 2 for Booking queries,
  • Press 3 for Cancelation queries,
  • Press * to speak directly with a live person at Delta.

In case your hold time is very long, and you need to talk to a live representative of Delta at the moment, then consider another way to speak with the representative. Some of the methods are mentioned below where you will acquire assistance:

Live Chat With Delta:

On the Live chat of Delta, you will instantly connect with the concerned person and grab the information on your question. It is a simple way to attain any answer or information with the following steps:

  • Sign in on Delta’s website,
  • Go to the “Contact Americans” option,
  • Click on the Live Chat option,
  • Shoot the query you have,
  • Receive the information you need from a live person at Delta.

Reach Delta Help Desk

If you are at the airport of Delta and thinking about a question, reach out to the help desk and talk with the live representative for your query. The representative will provide the needed help and resolve your issue at the exact moment.

Can you make phone calls on Delta Wi-Fi?

You are not allowed to make any audio or video phone call on Delta Wi-Fi due to federal regulations. But yes passengers can use high-speed internet for scrolling social media, can use apps, sending an email or messages, or also can do surfing on a browser.

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