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Can you Select your Seats on Southwest Airlines?

If you are planning your travel with Southwest Airlines and booked a ticket with them then you must know the fact that Southwest allows their customers to pick seats on flights as per their requirements. You can select your seats on Southwest Flight online and through the contact number for the dedicated department. Here you can find How Can I Choose My Seat on Southwest Airlines, mention here methods for Southwest Seat selection.

  • Go to the Southwest Airlines website.
  • Dial Southwest Customer service Number 1-800-435-9792 or 1-839 777 9792.
  • Go to the help us section.
  • Go to the chat option, and you may ask them.

How to Select a Seat on Southwest Airlines?

  • Go to or dial 1-839 777 9792/  1-800-435-9792.
  • Click on "Manage Booking".
  • Enter "Booking Number" and "Passengers last name".
  • Select Southwest flight ticket.
  • Choose the option Online "Check-in", then the Southwest seat map is open.
  • Next Pick seats on the Southwest flight and Confirm.

Soon you will receive a boarding pass from Southwest Airlines on your registered email

What are the methods to pick your seat on Southwest Airlines? 

There are more than two methods to pick your seat online on Select seat on Southwest Airlines. You can book your seat online, or you can also pick your seat with the help of customer service. You can communicate with Southwest Airlines and ask them how you can pick your seat on Southwest Airlines. They will help you in picking your seat.

Can You Pay to Choose Seats on Southwest?

Suppose you are not an Elite member or loyalty member of Southwest Airlines. In that case, you have to pay a Southwest Airlines Seat selection fee. Gold Elite members can choose an Economy Plus seat for free after that, and Silver Elite members may select from available Economy plus seats during check-in. Silver Elite members have complimentary access to choose preferred seats at booking. 

How do I get a preferred seat on Southwest?

You can get your preferred seat through customer service. You can also go to the Airport and get help from the help desk for Southwest seat selection. They will tell you all the procedures for getting a preferred seat on Southwest. They will also tell you about the cost that you have to pay for which seat you choose. They will also tell you when you do not have to pay any charge or how you can check the seats online so the next time you can check it online and pick your seat.  

How much does it cost to select a seat on Southwest Airlines?

If you regularly travel with Southwest Airlines and want to know the cost of Southwest seat selection, then maybe you are a Gold or Silver Elite member of the Airline. For these members, the airlines offer the best offers and discounts. Also, they can choose their favorite travel seat so that they do not have to pay any extra. If you are not a member, then you may have to pay. The cost depends on the seat that you choose and also it depends on the destination.

Options to Select Seat on Southwest Airlines:


Wanna Get Away


  • Southwest Anytime Seats have lower prices than business seats.
  • A preferred option for regular travelers.
  • In-flight messaging. TV and meal services are available to the passengers.
  • No charges for cancellations. The booking amount is refunded as well.
  • Passengers of any time will get an early-bird check-in option with their seats. With priority and early lane options, flyers can get through security checkpoints speedily.
  • Anytime Seats also includes all advantages of Wanna Get Away seat fares.
  • The most affordable option is Wanna get away offered by Southwest Airlines (economy seats).
  • Wanna Get Away Southwest seat cancellation is non-refundable. But the flyers will receive credit for their next flight
  • The cheapest option for travelers.
  • Free entertainment is available.
  • Southwest business select seats have the highest fare.
  • The most comfortable option is to fly for long journeys.
  • All in-flight services and amenities are available.
  • If canceled, the amount is refundable and no charges are applied for last-minute changes. 
  • Business Select flyers are the first ones to go through the boarding process and reserve the seats.


How do I get a preferred seat on Southwest?

You can select my seat on Southwest Airlines. If you are an Elite member or you can choose the available seats. You have to choose between the available seats, and you may pay a certain amount. Also, you can get your preferred seat by contacting customer services. They will tell you how many seats are available and which you can choose your seat. You can also pick your seat online.

Why can't I choose my seat on Southwest Airlines? 

You want to choose your seat on Southwest Airlines but are not able to find the seat. Maybe the seats are not available. That is why you cannot choose your seat. It also depends on the flight and the destination. And also, if the seats are booked in advance, you cannot choose those seats. Or if you are not able to pick your seat, you can visit their website They will let you know the terms and conditions of Southwest Airlines.

Can I pick my seat with Wanna Get Away Southwest?

Southwest Airlines introduced a new fourth fare class called Wanna Get Away Plus in spring If you wanna know how to Choose your seat on Southwest Airlines, read this; yes, you can pick your seat with Southwest wanna getaway fare. Wanna Get Away fares are the Airline's lowest fares and generally the best deals on air travel to most destinations. Wanna Get Away fares are not expensive and offer more flexibility. Wanna get away plus features, If there's an open seat on a different flight on the same calendar day as your original flight and it's between the same cities, you can book a confirmed seat on the new flight at no additional cost if that flight is more expensive.

Is it hard to sit together in the Southwest?

Once you get on board, you can easily choose a still-unoccupied seat. The better your boarding group and number, the more seats you will have to select from. This is relevant for everyone, but especially if you are trying to get multiple seats for your family.

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