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Can you call Allegiant to book a flight?

Some passengers do not prefer online bookings because they find it risky as sometimes while booking a flight online, the transactions get failed or are not processed, so most people prefer the offline option to book a flight.  Allegiant offers their customers to book a flight over the phone and also no need to pay any extra charge for it. To book an Allegiant flight on call contact the reservation department of Allegiant at (702) 505-8888  soon you will get a response from the agent. You can ask the Allegiant travel agent that you want to book your flight and they will help in your booking procedure with Allegiant.

How can you call Allegiant Air for flight reservations?

For Allegiant flight reservations over call/Phone you must find first Allegiant Reservation Phone Number (702) 505-8888 or go dial the Allegiant Travel agent operator for best deals on booking (701) 505-2188(Short hold time), and after that press the key for booking as guided by IVR instructions.

Here’s Steps to call Allegiant to book a Flight:

  • Dial Allegiant Air Reservations Phone Number (702) 505-8888.
  • Then choose your preferred IVR language by pressing the number 1. 
  • Then to make changes, Press 2. 
  • To cancel your reservations, Press 3. 
  • For seat selection, Press 4. 
  • To make an Allegiant Air Reservation, Press 6. 
  • You can follow the IVR instructions after that. 
  • Soon, your call can connect with Allegiant Reservation Department.
  • Provide required details for Allegiant booking to the operator.
  • After, select the method of payment.
  • You will get an Email from the Airline that your flight has been booked. 

Does Allegiant Airlines charge for booking over the Phone?

Allegiant Airline provides you the liberty to book your ticket offline, but for that, you need to give a proper amount for that. To book an Allegiant Airline flight, you need to give the amount of $14.99 per segment per passenger. You can give this amount along with the number of flight tickets. By giving this amount, you can get access to contact the Airline anytime. They won't ask you anything for that. You need to call Allegiant to book a flight on this number (702) 505-8888 if you want to book a flight with Allegiant Airline. 

Alternative way to make Allegiant Air booking:

For an  Alegiant airline reservation, you can chat with the Airline's executive, and they will help you with bookings. To chat, you can follow the steps below. 

  • Visit the official website of Allegiant Airline. 
  • Then go to the contact us option. 
  • Then click on that chat box. 
  • Tell them that you want to book your flight and give them your details. 
  • The executive will book a flight for you at your preference, and they will provide you with a payment link. 
  • You can pay the amount by clicking on that link. 
phone3 +1 701 505 2188
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