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Know, Can you change the name on a KLM flight?

Suppose you have submitted all the details required for booking a ticket. And the ticket has been issued, but you see that the spelling of your name does not match what it is on your passport. This can cause a problem. So you want to know if you can change your name on the KLM flight. Well, the Airline is aware that mistakes can happen; hence, it gives its customers a chance to amend the error. Yes, you can change the name on a KLM flight. 


KLM change flight Policy:

The Airline has formulated a KLM Airlines name change policy to inform you about all the conditions for changing your name. Here are the points of policy given for your reference. 

  1. The Airline will allow you to make changes to your name till 30 hours before departure; otherwise, a KLM name change fee will incur upon you.
  2. You must have a ticket booked from an official platform to fill out the KLM name change form. 
  3. The KLM name change policy states that the passenger must pay a portion of the ticket fare as name change fees for modification after the risk-free period.
  4. Changing passenger names on the same day of departure is not feasible. 
  5. According to the KLM name change policy, the Airline will only consider name change requests for flights with flight numbers beginning with KL.
  6. You could not change the passenger name if the booking were made through third-party agents.
  7.  For making corrections contact the team individually. You can get the team through the official website or customer service number.
  8. The passenger who made the booking with the partnered airlines needs to make name corrections at least 72 hours before departure.

Point to Note: Those bookings made outside the designated channels are not eligible for flight changes at the authorized channels.

How do I change my name on KLM flight?

If there is a wrong name on the KLM flight ticket, then you can change or correct the name mentioned in the flight ticket. You need to visit the official website of KLM Airlines or dial +1 806 246 8457(KLM name change department contact number). You need to contact at least 30 hours before the departure of your KLM flight.

Steps to change the name on a KLM flight:

  1. Visit the KLM official website,, or dial +1 802 332 0104(KLM change phone number)
  2. Then click on “My Trips.”
  3. Enter the reservation number and the passenger last name.
  4. Get access of the dashboard.
  5. Select a KLM flight ticket with the wrong name.
  6. Click on the option “Edit/Change name” for a ticket.
  7. Enter “New Name” on the KLM flight ticket.
  8. Now, Save the modified name for the KLM flight ticket.
  9. Pay the KLM flight ticket name change fees if applied.

How much does it cost to change name on KLM flight ticket?

Well, if you have made the name changes per the KLM's name change policy, then you are informed that the KLM name change fee is free. No fee is imposed except in cases where a change fee can be charged up to US$ 300.

phone3 +1 802 332 0104
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