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Can I change the dates on the Aer Lingus flight?

People often book their flight tickets in advance to avoid the high fares at the last minute or the hassle of not finding their desired seat. However, they sometimes need to change their flight date because their leave wasn't approved or one of the passengers got sick. The reason for changing the date change can be anything, but doing the date change can be a task. Changing the date on your Aer Lingus ticket is often possible, but knowing the airline's policies and the specific fare rules associated with your ticket is important. Here are the general steps you can follow to change the date on your ticket, and the rules that need to be followed by you are mentioned in detail. 

Aer Lingus change flight policy;

The rules mentioned under the policy to change your flight date with Aer Lingus are explained below in elaborate detail. 

  • Review Fare Rules and Conditions: Before attempting to change your ticket date, carefully review the fare rules and conditions of your booking. These rules will outline whether date changes are allowed on your fare type. It will also show any associated fees and the specific process you need to follow.
  • Check Availability: Make sure that there are available seats on the new desired date and flight. Depending on the availability and fare class, you might need to pay the fare difference between your original ticket and the new flight.
  • Contact Aer Lingus: Contact Aer Lingus customer service to initiate the date change process. You have the option to get in touch with them either by phone, email or by visiting their website. Please provide them with your booking reference number and flight details.
  • Understand Charges: Aer Lingus may charge a change fee and any fare difference. Be prepared to pay these charges if applicable. The Aer Lingus change flight fees depend upon various factors, including the time left for a scheduled departure, fare class, and the availability of seats on the next flight you are booking. Ensure that you consider all the factors before making the change. 
  • Request the Date Change: During your conversation with the customer service representative, clearly state your intention to change the date of your flight. Please provide them with the new desired date and flight details.
  • Provide Payment Information: If fees and fare differences exist, you must provide payment information to cover the costs. Make sure you understand the total amount due before proceeding.
  • Receive Confirmation: Once the date change is processed and payment is received, you'll receive confirmation via email. This confirmation will include your updated flight details and any relevant payment receipts.
  • Check for Updated Itinerary: Review the updated itinerary to ensure all details are correct, including the new flight date, departure and arrival times, and any details of the connecting flights.
  • Save Documents: Keep a copy of the updated itinerary, confirmation emails, and payment receipts for your records. You should show it at the airport for confirmation. 
  • Be Flexible: Remember that changes to flight dates are subject to availability, and there might be restrictions based on your original ticket type. Be prepared for potential limitations or adjustments to your travel plans.

How can I change the Aer Lingus flight date?

The airline allows passengers to change their flight dates through Aer Lingus online through the Manage booking option or dial 1 (800) 474-7424 or 1 (806) 256-8457.

1) Follow the steps to change flight date on Aer Lingus online:

  • Visit the Aer Lingus official website
  • Locate and click on the tab "Manage Trip" section.
  • You need to Enter your booking reference and last name to retrieve your booking information.
  • Choose the option to modify your flight or change the date.
  • Select the new date you wish to change your flight to from the available options.
  • Review any fare differences or change fees that may apply.
  • Complete the payment for any fare difference or change fee, if applicable.
  • Confirm your changes and receive a confirmation email with the updated itinerary.

2) Call Aer Lingus customer service to change the flight date;

  • By Dialing Aer Lingus flight change the phone number to 1 (800) 474-7424 or 1 (806) 256-8457.
  • When you connect over call after completing the IVR and other instructions, provide your booking reference and details to the customer service representative. 
  • Request to change your flight date and provide the date you wish to travel.
  • The representative will check availability and provide you with the options.
  • Review any fare differences or change fees that may apply.
  • Make the necessary payment for fare difference or change fee, if applicable.
  • The representative will confirm the changes and email you an updated itinerary.

How much does it cost to change the Aer Lingus flight date?





Change fee - Paid online
(For changes to Date / Itinerary / Route / Fare Type)










Change policies, fees, and availability may vary based on ticket type, fare class, and airline terms and conditions. Always review the details before confirming any changes.

It's important to note that the specific steps and policies about Aer Lingus change flight date may vary based on factors such as the type of ticket you purchased, the fare class, and the airline's current policies. Always consult an Aer Lingus representative directly to get accurate and up-to-date information on changing your flight date.

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