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Can I change the passenger name on the Thai Airways ticket?

Making a reservation for your flight ticket can be a lot for you, especially if you need to become more familiar with the process. In these situations, people often misplace an alphabet or two in the name of the passengers while making the reservation. However, they can be reassured if they have made the booking of their flight ticket with Thai Airways. As the airlines ensure that the passengers can make any modification to their ticket even after the booking. However, they have to ensure that they follow the rules and regulations given under the airlines' name change policy before they change name on Thai Airways ticket. The information given here will help you figure out all the details about the name change rules and the process that must be followed to do the same. 

What is Thai Airways Name Change/Correction Policy?

Before correcting your name on a Thai Airways flight ticket, it's essential to understand the rules regarding name modifications set by the airline. It will ensure that you make the necessary changes within the permitted guidelines. You have to learn the rules mentioned under Thai Airways' name correction policy. The most important rules about the name change process are mentioned here to ease the process.

Rules and Regulations to change name on Thai Airways ticket.

  1. Thai Airways Travelers are not allowed to make any corrections in their name after they are done with the check-in. 
  2. The passengers can change their names due to marriage, divorce, adoption, etc. However, they need to provide them with all the necessary documents. 
  3. The passengers can make the name correction of up to three characters. It will get counted combined in the passengers' first, middle, or last name if they correct more than three characters, then they have to pay the charges for the same.
  4. Once a ticket is issued, any necessary name corrections require reissuing a new reservation. If the confirmed class has no available seats, you may need to purchase a higher-class ticket at the current price if there is availability.
  5. If your first and last names are accurate, you don't need to stress about leaving out your middle name/names. Airlines prioritize the accuracy of the first and last name over the middle name/names.

Things to be known while making Thai Airways Booking:

Passengers have to know a certain thing or follow a Thai Airways name format to avoid corrections or amendments. Some of them are highlighted here for you as follows. 

  • It is necessary for you to mention your complete name on the flight ticket. Despite this, the airline doesn't have any rules for the middle name, but it is required to appear on your ticket. However, the passengers can correctly mention their first and last names on the ticket, which will be considered valid. 
  • If the document you are using at the airport has your middle name in it, in that case, ensure that your complete name (including the idle name) also appears on your ticket. It is much cheaper to mention your complete name at the time of reservation instead of change name on Thai Airways ticket later. Travelers have the option to make changes both online and offline.
  • Whether you book your ticket online or offline, Thai Airways' website requires you to enter your full name in the Passenger Information section. It includes your first/given name, middle name, and last/family name.
  • If your middle name needs to be completed or added due to space constraints, what is important is that your first and last names are accurately displayed, matching the name on your passport or legal identification.
  • If all your legal documents have a single name and you have to proceed with the same name in your booking, in that case, you have to specify the same by clicking on the box that reads 'I have a single name (no first or last name)' according to your passport.

What are the procedures used to change passengers name on Thai Airways flight ticket?

For Thai Airways flight ticket name correction follow the methods and make corrections;

  • Through phone.
  • Through the airline’s sales office in your city 
  • Through the airline’s airport ticket counter 
  • Through your travel agent 


How much does it cost to change the name on a Thai Airways flight?

Travelers have to pay up to $30 to $100 for Thai Airways name correction on flight tickets. It depends upon various factors, but the flight class in which you have made the reservation of your flight ticket plays an important role when it comes to the Thai Airways name correction fee. The name change fee you must pay in economy class will be the lowest, and the highest will be for the name change in business or a first-class ticket. 

How can I change the passenger's name on the Thai Airways flight ticket?

The passengers can proceed to change their name on Thai Airways tickets online through the official website, at the airport, or by calling the customer service agent over the phone at 1 (802) 200-9500 or 66(0) 2356 1111. The steps that need to be followed to proceed with the Thai Airways name format to make the changes online are mentioned here as follows.

Steps to change the name on Thai Airways flight ticket: 

  • First, visit the official website of Thai Airways or dial Thai Airways change name contact number 66(0) 2356 1111 or 802-200-9500.
  • To proceed further, upon reaching the homepage, you will need to provide the reservation code along with the passenger's last name.
  • Request the name correction and mention a valid reason, such as a spelling mistake or legal change.
  • Make the necessary corrections you have to make in the passenger's name. 
  • Submit supporting documents, such as passport copies, marriage certificates, or court orders, depending on the reason for the name change.
  • Thai Airways will review the documentation to ensure its validity and relevance.
  • Check with the airline for any applicable fees or charges associated with the name change process.
  • Make the necessary payment for the name change, if required.
  • Thai Airways will issue updated tickets with the corrected or changed names once the process is complete.
  • Review the new tickets to ensure accuracy in passenger names and travel details.

Remember that the Thai Airways name correction policy and procedure may vary depending on the airline's rules and regulations. Confirming the information with Thai Airways directly or visiting their official website for the latest and most reliable updates is advisable.

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