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Can you change the person on a ticket with Spirit?

If your reservation is with Spirit Airlines with a misspelling or wants to change the name on a flight ticket then change the name on the Spirit Airlines flight ticket for free. Click here to chat or call Spirit Airlines at 1 352 607 3555 to get assistance with name changes and ticket transfers.

Type of name change you are allowed with Spirit Airlines:

  • Misspelling - Minor correction to a misspelled name.
  • Legal Name Change - Legal name changes require supporting documentation including:
    1. Marriage License
    2. Court Order
    3. Divorce Decree
    4. Or Legal Name Change Document
  • Passenger information - For any other changes to your passenger information, including date of birth, contact information, gender, passport information, or redress number. 

How can you change the person's name on a Spirit Airlines ticket?

There are multiple ways you can adopt to do so, and for that, you are suggested to go through the methods mentioned below;

1) Through the official website:

  • Visit the official website of Spirit Airlines.
  • Then click on “My Trips”, and log in through credentials to get access to the dashboard.
  • Click on the option “Modify/Change flight ticket” and then select the option “Change person name” from the dropdown.
  • Select the ticket to change your name on.
  • Enter “Correct Name”/”New Name” and “Save” to continue.
  • Pay the any difference fare if asked or “Skip” the payment page.
  • Submit the form, and make a relevant free (if asked). 

2) Call to change the person's name on the Spirit flight ticket:

Suppose you are experiencing an issue through an online method, you can also reach out to the airline their phone number, 1 (855) 728-3555, and there you may find Spirit Airlines change passenger facilities. You have to ensure an appropriate IVR selection so you are assigned a live airline executive. 

What are the terms and conditions for changing a person on a ticket with Spirit?

There are certain things that one must keep in mind to avoid any additional taxes or fines by the airline. Please look at the guidelines released, and they are the following please have a look:

  • If you have refundable tickets, you might get an allowance from the airline to change a person on a ticket. 
  • You must do so within a limited time frame as set by the airline. 
  • You may not be eligible to modify the destination or route. 
  • The airline does not permit anyone to make any changes after modifying the flight ticket for once. 
  • For further clarifications on this, you are advised to contact the airline customer assistance team, who will guide you in all the possible ways. 

Once you go through the discussion, you will find out the valuable ways to make any modifications to your flight ticket. However, there are certain terms and conditions related to the same. If you are ineligible for this, you may not be allowed to make any modifications to your flight, including any refund. 

How much does it cost to change passengers' names on Spirit flight tickets?

You may require paying Spirit Airlines $75-$200 to change the person’s name on the flight ticket. You can make an amendment within 24 hour of booking flight with Spirit Airlines for free.

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