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What are airlines flying from Hawaii to Vegas?

Many airlines fly from Hawaii to Vegas. These can be charted, private jets, commercial, anything. You need to go through this article which lists some of the airlines that help you travel through the Hawaii islands to the beautiful Vegas. If you are traveling with your lovely ones, then several flight options can help you get an affordable ticket.

The Airlines from Hawaii to Vegas:

  1. Hawaii airlines,
  2. Alaska Airlines,
  3. American Airlines,
  4. Delta Airlines,
  5. Southwest Airlines,
  6. Sun Country, and
  7. United Airlines.

The flights are also fly from Honolulu, Kahului, and Kailua - Kona.

How long is the flight from Hawaii to Vegas? 

Normally, the flight time between Hawaii to Vegas is 5 hours 35 minutes (Honolulu to Vegas Flight time).

The destination time limit depends on the departure airport point from where you are taking the flight.

  1. If you are taking the flight from Honolulu to Las Vegas, it may take nine non-stop flights per day.
  2. If you are flying from Kahului, it may take around four non-stop flights per day.
  3. If the passenger is taking a flight from Kailua Kona, it will be one non-stop flight per day.
  4. If you are traveling from Hilo, then it will take around one-stop flights.
  5. The flight will take off from Kauai; then, it will be one non-stop flight per day.

How to book a cheap flight from Hawaii to Vegas?

You can book cheap flights from Hawaii to Las Vegas through different tips; you can search for the coupons and vouchers on the airline's official site.

  1. You can book your ticket in the off-season to avoid the crowd at the booking window.
  2. Try to prevent from having risen in-flight fares. To do so, you can book your tickets on weekdays.
  3. During weekdays the airline has many vacant seats to fill, so they reduce the price to increase the ticket sales. 
  4. If you are booking the ticket, switch to the incognito mode as airline sites increase the price when you revisit the site. Incognito mode will remove your browsing history, and the site will face difficulty in tracking the browsing history.
  5. The most basic is to book in advance so that you will get many flight options that you can avail of cheap flight tickets.

After all this you have any doubt, then you may contact the airlines; they will let you know about all the deals, or you can directly visit the airport's official account.

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