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How do I check-in with Turkish Airlines?

If you have a flight with Turkish Airlines to take and wonder what the available check-in methods are, below you will learn about the different methods. There are many options available through which you can obtain your boarding pass and board the flight.

What are the methods to Check-In at Turkish Airlines:

The available methods of check-in at Turkish Airlines are:

Turkish Airlines Web Check-In:

Passengers can get their boarding pass on their email after completing the check-in online from the Turkish Airlines website. Turkish Airlines online check-in time is 24 to 30 minutes. You can follow the provided instructions for the web check-in:

  • Open the Turkish Airlines site,
  • Click the Check-In/Manage Booking tab,
  • Enter the Ticket Number and passenger Surname,
  • Then click on the arrow button.
  • Your Turkish Airlines booking will appear on your screen,
  • Select the Check-In button,
  • Then follow the given instructions,
  • You may skip the seat selection process,
  • After that, your check-in will be completed, and you will get the boarding pass in your email. 

Turkish Airlines Airport Check-In:

If you would like to check in for your flight directly from the airport, then you need to reach the counter a few hours before for Turkish Airlines Early check-in, carry the flight ticket and valid id proof to the counter. After your turn, the representative will complete the verification check and give you your Turkish Airlines boarding pass. 

Kiosk Check-In with Turkish Airlines:

At Turkish Airlines airport, you can also take advantage of the self check-in service-Kiosk. Arrive at the airport and go to the Kiosk machine, then follow the below instructions:

  • Start the Kiosk Check-In Machine,
  • Enter your Turkish Airline flight detail on the machine,
  • Then select the check-in button,
  • You will receive some instructions for completing the check-in,
  • Add special assistance if required or go through with the seat selection process,
  • Skip both options if you want and complete your check-in,
  • Next, print your boarding pass. 

The above are the methods that will get you your boarding pass. In case you find trouble with any of the processes, you can use the Turkish Airlines check-in phone number: 1800-874-8875 to speak with a live person. The person who will connect with you will solve your issue. 

Where can I check my baggage at Turkish Airlines? 

You can drop your bags at the Turkish Airlines check-in baggage counter between the check-in time. The baggage check-in starts 24 hours prior to the departure at the airport.  

How long before you can check-in with Turkish Airlines?

You can check in at the airport 4 hours before the scheduled boarding time. However, the Turkish Airlines online check-in time starts 24 hours prior to the flight departure, so you can check in anytime within 24 hours of your flight's scheduled time if you choose the web check-in. 

How late can you check-in Turkish Airlines?

Check-in time closes 45 minutes before an international Turkish Airlines flight departure and 30 minutes before a Turkish Airlines domestic flight departure. So you can check in online or at the airport before the closing time passes. 

Can I check in at the airport with Turkish Airlines?

Yes, you can check-in at the airport with Turkish Airlines. Reach out before your flight's departure time and go through the check-in process. Then acquire your boarding pass. 

Frequently Asked Questions of Turkish Airlines :

Does Turkish Airlines participate in TSA Precheck?

Yes, Turkish Airlines participate in TSA Precheck. You can enjoy the premium security fill by adding the TSA Precheck for your flight. 

How early should I arrive for Turkish Airlines?

If you are flying internationally, you should arrive 3 hours before the scheduled departure, and if you are flying in a domestic country, then arrive at the airport 2 hours prior. 

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