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Contact to EVA Air Los Angeles(LAX):

Flying with EVA Air is very flexible. Not only because it serves affordable flights but also because it comes up with first-class customer service. You can contact Eva Air Los Angeles by phone and via other methods, which you will find in the discussion. So, go through them carefully and jot down if anything appears to be necessary. 

EVA Air Los Angeles Airport( LAX): Contacts and Terminal

Phone: +1-310-362-6600 or 806-256-8457

Terminal: Terminal B

Address: 200 CA-1 #1600, El Segundo, CA 90245, USA

How to talk to someone at EVA Air Los Angeles USA?

First, you can consider sending your concerns to the executive via live chat or dial EVA Air Los Angeles phone number 1-310-362-6600/ 802-200-9500(OTA) to talk to a live person at EVA Air or use 711(for hearing impaired).

To connect EVA Air in Los Angeles via Chat:

  • Visit the official website of EVA Air
  • Once there, tap on the "Contact Us" tab. 
  • A chat icon will appear; click, describe, and send your queries.  

Contact EVA Air USA via phone call:

You can dial EVA Air LAX phone number +1-310-362-6600, where you can cite every trouble associated with services such as baggage allowance, check-in windows, flight timings, terminal number, and other related concerns. With this, you must remember that certain IVRs will be spoken; choose one to get a real person. . 

Details to help to reach EVA Air in LAX:

  • Email Address— You can contact EVA Air Los Angeles by email at and ensure you cite the concern in a structured manner so it is easily comprehended. 

  • Terminal Number— The EVA Air terminals at Los Angeles are 7 and 8.  

  • Office Address— 2199 Campus Drive, El Segundo, CA 90245. 

  • Hearing Impaired Contact Number— 711 

What services are provided by EVA Air at LAX?

EVA Air proposes multiple other services at LAX, and some of them are described below; please look:

  • Food and drinks— To make your flight remarkable, the airline will offer food and beverages at no or almost minimal cost. However, these services can be purchased on the official website. 
  • Extra baggage allowance— You will also be given additional baggage allowance so you find no difficulty in packing your bags. 
  • Customer assistance— You can approach the assistance team from 8:30 to 7:30 PM, Monday to Friday. 
  • Lounge Access— You can get a meal at the airport or the lounge, where you can also rest until your flight is announced to take off. 
  • Check in assistance— You will find Kiosk machines, service help desk, etc., where you can request the agents to help you check in. 

Many flights of EVA Air operate from LAX Airport, thus making it an important airport. So, you can contact the team at 802 -200-9500 (OTA) to inquire about deals, discounts, last-minute discounts, etc., that can make your journey budget-effective and economical. 

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