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How do I contact Delta airlines at Raleigh Durham International Airport?

When you reach the Durham International Airport to board your flight from Delta Airlines, you realize there are various things about you that you did not know and had an idea about. However, the issues, or queries you need to resolve in such situations, you will require Delta airlines Raleigh Durham International airport phone number so that you can contact them instantly and resolve your issues. The customer support representative will provide each detail. Some of the information about the Raleigh Durham Airport is given below:

 Reach Delta Airlines at Raleigh Durham International Airport:

  • General Enquiries - +1 919 840 2123
  • Delta Airlines phone number - 1 (800) 221-1212/+1 406 902 1212.
  • Airport Address - John Brantley Blvd, Morrisville, NC 27560, USA
  • Airport Code - RDU
  • Address - P.O. Box 80001, RDU Airport, NC 27623
  • Number of Terminals - 2
  • Email Address - 
  • RDU Airport Website - 

How to Talk to a Delta customer executive at Durham International Airport?

There is no doubt that the Delta airlines Raleigh Durham International Airport phone number will be the best and fastest way to get support from the customer executive for your issues. You will be connected to them instantly, and they will resolve your queries without delay. You can enquire about check-in, flights, parking, etc. all the prominent phone numbers of the Airport are listed below:

  • Airport Service - (919) 840-2123
  • Lost and Found - (919) 840-7553
  • Terminal Desks - (919) 840-2123
  • Parking - (919) 840-2140
  • Airport Police - (919) 840-7550
  • Drone Requests - (919) 840-7520

Delta Airlines terminal at Durham Airport:

Passengers must know that Delta Airlines uses Terminal 2 at the Durham International Airport. If you get any troubles with your Delta flight, you can get to the Terminal 2 counter and enquire about the same. They will help you with it and resolve it as soon as possible.

Delta Airlines baggage claim at Durham Airport:

If you want to claim your baggage, as, after enough waiting, the Airport has found it. If you need to get to Terminal 2 to claim the baggage and if you get any issues, or queries about the same, you dial RDU Delta baggage claim phone number, which is 800-325-8224.

What are the Delta Airlines services at Durham Airport?

Durham International Airport takes good care of its visitors and passengers, which is why it has provided many services for them at Durham Airport. They can also ask their queries at Delta airlines Raleigh Durham International airport phone number so that they have an impressive visit. Some of the services of the Airport are listed below:

  • Restaurants and Lounges - When the passengers have to wait for their flight for so long, they can rest at RDU Delta Lounge and Restaurants:
  • Bag Carts - If you have heavy bags and are traveling alone, these carts will make it easy for you to carry your bags.
  • Currency Exchange - Exchange your money at the Airport to avoid difficulties on alien land.
  • Wheelchairs - If traveling with someone physically impaired, you can get wheelchair assistance.
  • Language Assistance - They will converse with you in your choice of language.
  • Baggage Claim - You can get your baggage from here or dial the  RDU Delta baggage claim phone number during some issues.
  • Lost and Found - Get to this counter if you have lost anything at the Airport.
phone3 +1 406 902 1212
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