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How can you cancel Turkish Airlines reservations?

In the severe case of medical unfitness, urgent business meetings, or any other reason that may result in not letting you travel, then you can cancel the tickets from Turkish Airlines. The cancellations can be made online mode, i.e., via the website or with the help of the airline’s customer services which are available for you on call, live chat, and social media platforms. At the last moment, you may try to reach the nearest airline’s authorized ticketing center or the airport desk to request for the ticket to be withdrawn.

Can I cancel my Flight with Turkish Airlines?

Yes, Turkish Airlines allow you to modify and cancel the booked tickets. Under the modification process, you can not only cancel the tickets but may also select a particular seat of your own choice, reschedule the flights, add more people with you, add more itinerary and medical facilities, add baggage, change departures or ticket class, and many more.

What is the cancellation policy for Turkish Airlines?

Cancellations of the tickets are made by the passengers when they feel it is necessary. But the flight cancellation is made by the airline also due to the extreme conditions; therefore, it is marked under the exceptional situations. You may get acquainted with the Turkish airline cancellation policy and exceptions for both of these aspects:-

  1. When you cancel the tickets on the same day of purchasing them, you get full refunds from Turkish Airlines without any deductions.
  2. There are partial refunds and cancellation charges; both are applied to you when you modify the tickets to cancel after completing the 24 hours. 
  3. If you get to know that your flight has been canceled by the airline, then you just need to raise a request for a refund, and the airline will credit your amount per the refund policy.

How do I cancel my flight with Turkish Airlines?

Ticket cancellations have become very easy to do with Turkish Airlines. The frequently asked question of how to cancel a Turkish airline's flight can be answered through an online method with proper steps and details. Get after the steps:-

  • Visit or dial +1 806 256 8457(Turkish airlines cancellation phone number)
  • Click on “My Trips”.
  • Enter your “Booking number” and “Last name” to open your booking, and you can copy it from the ticket you have purchased.
  • Select  “cancel Turkish Airlines ticket” from the dashboard.
  • Provide a reason for canceling the flights.
  • Pay the amount of Turkish flight cancellation and submit the ticket

When your cancellation is approved, you will be notified by the airline through email or phone number.

Do Turkish Airlines have a 24-hour cancellation policy

Yes, there is a  Turkish Airlines cancellation policy of 24 hours applied to the passenger when he or she reaches the airline to cancel the tickets. But what is the 24 hours policy? Check a brief of it ahead:-

  1. If you request the airline for the ticket modification within 24 hours of booking, then you are not bound to pay any amount for the availed service.
  2. But if you do the same after 24 hours, then Turkish Airlines will charge for the modification and the cancellation charges.
  3. The final cancellations are accepted 24 hours before the flight departure.

How much does it cost to cancel my flight reservation with Turkish Airlines?

  • If the flight is canceled within 24 hours of booking then Turkish Airlines does not charge any cancellation fee, it's free.
  • If Turkish flight reservation cancellation is done between 1-12 hour scheduled flight then you need to pay a TRY 300-400 penalty fee

How long before a flight can I cancel Turkish Airlines?

You are the owner of your ticket, and Turkish airline cancellation policy respects it. You are eligible to cancel your tickets just after purchasing them and till the second last day of departure. The final ticket modification window opens 24 hours prior to the flight departure date. If you are unable to cancel your tickets till this day, then your cancellations will be hardly accepted, and your condition will not be entertained with full refunds.

Is there free cancellation for Turkish Airlines?

Yes, you have to get through the Turkish airlines' cancellation policy 24 hours before and after the ticket purchase. So, if you make any changes to the tickets before 24 hours, then you do not need to pay any service charges, and you will obtain the facility free of cost.

+1 806 256 8457
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