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A Guide on Hawaiian Airlines Seat Selection:

Hawaiian Airlines, also known as Hawaiian, is the largest airline in Hawaii and headquartered in Honolulu. It has a rich history of serving as a major carrier between Hawaii, the mainland U.S., and various international destinations. Suppose you have reserved your flight and want to select the seat. For Hawaiian Airlines Seat Selection, you can opt for the online or offline option, and you will get the details from the representative on your officials. Before selecting the seats, please learn about Hawaiian Airlines' seat selection policy, procedure, and fees.

What is the Hawaiian Airlines Seat Selection Policy?

The airline provides a few terms and conditions to add the seat, and you want to know about it. You can read the given details carefully-

  • Travelers can select a seat on Hawaiian Airlines within 24 hours of the flight departure, which is free of cost. 
  • You must pay the charges if you purchase your seat after 24 hours. 
  • The Hawaiian Airlines allows passengers to create modifications within 24 hours of departure. 
  • To select the seats, you can use the Hawaiian Airlines seat map, where you can see the availability of the seats and select the seats according to your availability. 
  • When you want to do the Hawaiian Airlines seat selection international, you can check out the details on the web page. 
  • If you did not select the seats during the check-in, the airline will provide you with the seats according to the availability of the aircraft.

How do you select a seat on Hawaiian Airlines?

Suppose you have reserved your flight, and now you want to choose a seat on Hawaiian Airlines; you can select the seats online via manage to book, dial Hawaiian Airlines phone number for additional services 1-800-367-5320 or 806-256-8457, or the airport. You can use these options and rapidly get the details with the airline representative on your officials.

Method : Online steps to select a seat on Hawaiian Airlines

Step 1: Open the web page of Hawaiian Airlines

Step 2: Click on the Manage My Booking flight option. 

Step 3: Enter your passenger details, like name and reservation code, and click the log-in option.

Step 4: Select a flight ticket for which you need to choose a preferred seat.

Step 5: Make right click and from the dropdown click on the "Seat Selection" option add your seat according to your preference

Step 6: Click on "Continue" and then "Submit".

If there is a fare difference, kindly pay it and quickly get the details with the representative on your officials. 

Method 2: Select a seat on Hawaiian Airlines over the phone

You want to select the seats after the booking. For the  Hawaiian Airlines Seat Selection, you can use the customer support option. To connect with customer support on the airline, please use the given details carefully-

Step 1: Contact the Hawaiian Airlines customer service representative by dialing phone number 1-800-367-5320 or 806-256-8457, .

Step 2: Listen to the IVR steps adequately. 

Step 3: Use the number key according to the query. 

Step 4: Get connected with the representative, and you can ask them to add the seats. 

Step 5: The representative will provide you with the details about the availability of the seats. 

Step 6: You can select the seats according to your preference. 

Step 7: The representative will add your seats, and you will get the details with the representative on your official email ID and text the official contact number quickly.

Method 3:  Pick a seat on Hawaiian Airlines  at the Airport Counter

A passenger wants to add the seats after the booking, and they have tried all the options and did not get the seats. They want to add the  Hawaiian Airlines main cabin basic seat selection; in that case, they can visit the airport. At the airport, they need to visit the help center. At the help center, they can connect with the airport representative and ask them to add the seats. The representative will rapidly add their seats and confirm their registered official data. 

What are the best seats on Hawaiian Airlines?

The "best" seats on Hawaiian Airlines can be subjective and depend on your preferences. However, some general tips for selecting good seats on Hawaiian Airlines include:

  1. Extra Legroom Seats: Exit and bulkhead rows typically offer extra legroom. These can be more comfortable, especially on longer flights.
  2. Window or Aisle: Choose between a window seat if you enjoy the view and some privacy or an aisle seat for easier access to the restroom and cabin crew.
  3. Front of the Cabin: Seats near the front of the cabin may offer quicker boarding and disembarkation.
  4. Avoid Seats Near Restrooms: While convenient, seats near restrooms can be noisy and experience more foot traffic.
  5. Consider Your Needs: If you have mobility issues, choose seats that are easily accessible. Avoid seats near the galley or lavatories if you prefer a quieter flight.

How much does Hawaiian Airlines seat selection cost?

The airline varies the seat selection fee depending on your booked fare. There is a seat selection fee, but it depends on various factors. To acquire the details about the Hawaiian Airlines seat selection fee, you need to check the information on the official website

Travel  Neighbor Island North America International
Extra Comfort/ Preferred seats opens external link to a page that may not meet accessibility guidelines 
(per person, per way)
$5 - $49 $9 - $399 varies by availability and seat location $9 - $399 varies by availability and seat location

Can I pick my seats on Hawaiian Airlines?

Yes, after finalizing your flight reservation with Hawaiian Airlines, the Airline provides you with the option to select your seat as per your preference for flying; you can proceed with the process and pick the seat from the available options located on the seat map if you hold a query regarding how to Pick my seats on Hawaiian Airlines then for that you can follow the procedure given in below steps.

  • Head to the official web page of Hawaiian Airlines
  • Enter your last name and confirmation code on the manage booking page.
  • proceed by clicking on the seat selection option and choose the seat from the map.
  • Choose the seat of your choice and make the payment as shown.
  • The Airline will make the confirmation for you and send you an email.

Make a call to the Hawaiian Airlines customer support.

You can also make a call to the Hawaiian Airlines representative by dialing the customer care phone number and then selecting the seat selection option from the IVR; the agent will inform you of the available seat option, and you can choose the one as per your choice, the agent will assign you a seat and send you an information message.

What are the preferred seats on Hawaiian Airlines?

Few preferred seats on Hawaiian Airlines get booked fast, as people select them as per their comfort. The seats on the list of favorable seat options are the main cabin seats, as they have spacious legroom. The aisle seat, or the seat closer to the boarding doors, is also considered the most proffered seat on Hawaiian Airlines aircraft, so if you want to proceed with the Hawaiian Airlines Seat Selection procedure to book any seat from the preferences, then be sure to make an early booking for your flight seat.

How does seat assignment work on Hawaiian Airlines?

After booking your flight with Hawaiian Airlines, you can proceed with the seat selection procedure where you can choose your selective seat from the seat map, and then the Airline will assign you the setting of your choice, or you will be assigned the seat at the gate when you have made the check-in which is open from the 24 hours before the flight departure time. 

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