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Can you cancel the flight without a cancellation fee? 

Suppose you want to cancel your flight without cancellation charges and are wondering how to pay no cancellation charges. Then you are on the right page to know the tips to avoid paying the cancelation charges and still cancel your flight. Refer to the hacks given below and get your process done. 

How can I cancel a flight without a cancellation fee?

Here are the ways to cancel my flight without cancellation fees:

Check the flight schedules - If the arrival or the departure time of the flight changes by a very noticeable time, then you can change your itineraries without penalty and get a complete refund after you cancel your flight ticket. However, the phrase noticeable delay means different for different airlines. So, it depends on what airlines you have booked your flight with and the flight schedule change of their flights. 

In case of unplanned, even with the proofs - You can easily avoid flight cancellation fees when you are canceling your flight for unplanned events like jury duty, military order, serious injury, accidents, or demise of a closed one. You can simply provide the documentation to verify your sudden event, which will help you get an exemption from paying the cancellation charges per the airline’s policy. 

See if you have any travel waivers - Traveling through airways is always unpredictable. Air travel has got a lot of uncertainty as the flight can be canceled at any time and for any reason (say weather, equipment, or any other mechanical issue.) So, the airlines give you a travel waiver for these sudden cancellations. With the waivers, you can completely avoid flight cancellation feesThen again, always check your mailbox or the airline’s application when the flight gets canceled to check for the travel waiver. 

Use the risk-free 24 hours - So, you can use the time frame of the first 24 hours from purchasing your flight ticket to cancel the flight ticket and get exempted from paying the cancelation charges. This can be one of the relief to your “Can I cancel my flight without a cancellation fee?” This rule is only applicable to flight tickets booked directly from the airlines.

Look for any credit card coverage -  If you have a travel insurance credit card, you are lucky as these cards come with travel cancellation charges coverage. The travel insurance credit card covers the cost of canceling the flight ticket.   

Use the alternatives - If you are looking for another hack to cancel my flight without cancellation feeThen this can be one. You can use the alternative of changing the flight dates rather than canceling them because, for certain tickets, it is better to change the travel dates if you are going to travel anyways.

Book an expensive refundable fare - It can be a good idea to book an expensive refundable fare if your plans are highly possible to change in the future. However, check your price dates and destinations or the package to see if this hack is worth it.  

Get the Elite status with the airline - Another way to avoid paying the cancellation fees is by gaining the elite status with your preferred airline or whatever airline you have booked your flight with because the elite status comes with the advantage of spying no cancellation or modification charges at some airlines.

Pay the fees only when asked - You should not pay any cancellation or modification charges unless the airlines ask. You should also follow their policies. If your cancellation and modification are due to a sudden event and you have complete verification, you will be exempted from the cancellation charges.  

Contact the airline - if you have a genuine reason for canceling your flight, then you can receive help from the airlines and get your answer for canceling your flight without a cancellation fee. Simply contact them and ask for help from the airline's customer service department. 

Which airlines have a free cancellation?

Now, some airlines offer free cancellation and are popular with no cancellation fees airlines. Those airlines are mentioned below for your reference.

  • Alaska Airlines - There are no cancellation or charge fees; however, it is only valid for the flight tickets of Alaska airlines, not the partnered ones. 
  • American Airlines - Another no cancellation fees airline is American Airlines. It only charges for the International Basic economy fares. 
  • Delta Airlines - There are no change or cancellation fees; however, only for domestic flights, not international ones. 
  • JetBlue Airlines - There are no cancellation or change charges till the flights are scheduled for February 2021. But after that, you will have to pay the charges. 
  • Southwest Airlines - Southwest Airlines is the absolute no cancellation fees airlines because it charges nothing for cancellation or change. 
  • United Airlines -  United Airlines is another free cancellation fee airlines, as they charge nothing for cancellation or flight change for domestic airlines, also the Caribbean and Mexican flights. However, it excludes the Basic Economy and international flights. 
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