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Can I change my flight date to Cebu Pacific Airlines?

There are some situations when passengers want to change their flight tickets as they are not available on that day or want to skip that day for traveling. They may have questions related to Changing flight dates in Cebu PacificSome of the ways and policies by which the passengers can change the flight tickets are as follows:

How do I change my flight date to Cebu Pacific?

If you want to avoid paying any fee or fine for changing flight date in Cebu pacific, then you can do it here by the online procedure as mentioned below:

  1. Go to Cebu pacific airline’s website
  2. Click on “Manage my booking” from where you can change or rebook Cebu pacific flight
  3. Enter the ticket details: passenger name, ticket number, PNR number.
  4. Now from Dashboard, select the ticket you want to change.
  5. Then choose your new flight
  6. Pay the flight change cost, if any

The confirmation of your ticket is received in your registered email.

How much cost do you have to pay for the change date in Cebu Pacific?

If the passengers want to change the flight tickets and want to know the cost for changing them, below given points can help them which are as follows:

The amount you need to pay for the change flight in Cebu pacific is  P1,500 for domestic flights, P1,300 for international short-haul, and P2,800 for international long hauls

  1. If the person wants to change the flight tickets, the charges will be double of fare price which means they have to pay double the price per person ticket.
  2. There may be some differences when the flight is booked and when changed due to the destination and distance. 
  3. Fare difference between the amount they paid while booking the original flight and the cost of the new flight. The cost varies depending on the route and fare types.

What is the Cebu Pacific date change policy?

  1. If the passengers plan to change their flight tickets, they need to keep in mind that tickets have to be changed before a week of flight departure. 
  2. Flight tickets should not be expired or used. If they are so, it will not get changed by the airline.
  3. If passengers want to change their flight tickets, they cannot change more than three characters in their name.
  4. It cannot be changed to someone else’s name as the passengers can only transfer it or update it on their name. It cannot be transferred to someone else’s name.
  5. There will be some fees charged for changing the flight tickets. It may depend upon the duration of the flight and the reservation prices.

Some of the ways mentioned above can help the passengers know the cost of changing the Cebu Pacific flight date and the procedure to change the flight tickets. 

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