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Can I change my flight to Oman Air?

Yes, you can make changes to the booking you have with Oman Air. In order to go through the process of Oman Air change flight, you can get through them and find an appropriate solution so that you can make changes to your booking. You must go through the policies and processes of the airline that shall facilitate you to change your flight on Oman Air. 

What is Oman Air Change flight policy?

To make some changes, you can go through the airlines and find their policies which shall facilitate the process. The policies of the same are as follows: 

  • You must make the changes within 24 hours of the purchase so that you will not be charged an additional change fee. This policy is applicable to all tickets, irrespective of the fare rules of the ticket. 
  • If the ticket is a business class booking, you can make the changes anytime, at least three hours before the scheduled departure time. 
  • If the airline cancels the booking you have made with Oman Air, you can get to make the changes or rebook a new ticket without an additional fee.
  • You cannot change the class of booking with a new flight. You must go through the change in the same class. 
  • If there is any change in the flight departure which is caused due to any bad weather or technical glitch, then you can make the changes to the booking without any additional change cost. 
  • If there is any delay in the flight, then you can either prepone or postpone your flight. 

How can I change my flight to Oman Air?

If you are unable to fly with the confirmed booking, you can get to make the changes on the same through different methods available. These are explained below; refer to the same and then proceed: 

Through the online process:

You can go to the online process to make the related changes in Oman Air. You can go through the process of Oman Air Manage booking so that the online process can be done easily. The steps you must follow to change the flight ticket are as follows: 

  • Navigate to Oman Air’s official website, 
  • Retrieve the confirmed reservation with the help of the itinerary of the booking you have made. 
  • Then, on the booking summary page, choose the change option. Then, from the drop-down, choose the flight change option. 
  • Now, make the payment if required and confirm the change from the email you have received on your registered email address. 

Via offline(call) process- 

You can call to Oman air call center or the point where you purchased the ticket + 968-2453 1111 if you decide to change your Oman Air flight ticket.

  • Press 1 for issues with Branding and partnership. 
  • Press 3 for inquiries. 
  • Press 5 to give feedback. 
  • Press 7 to connect with the Oman Air executive. 

By sending an email-

You can also go through the change process by sending an email to the airline. You can raise the issue you want with the airline by sending them an email about the issue you have. Moreover, attach the required tickets and other documents along with the mail to go through the Oman Air change flight. An executive from the airline shall connect and help you. 


How long I will make a flight change in Oman Air?

If you decide to reschedule or change your flight with Oman Air after flight booking then Change the Oman Air flight date/destination/time before 24 hours then it's free and after 24 hours it will be chargeable but you need to make changes in Oman Air flight at least 2 hours before departure.

What is the charge for Oman Air to change flights?

The Oman Air change flight fee to make a few changes to your reservation can range between $20 to $400 depending o the fare type of the ticket bought. You can go through the process without an additional cost if the booking you have made is a business or premium class booking. 


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