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How can I change my flight name Cebu Pacific?

Cebu Pacific is an amazing airline and is always ready to support its passengers. The airline has always provided the best services to its travelers. So, you can get the best services from the airlines anytime and anywhere, so if you are pondering over the information associated with Cebu Pacific, change your name. Then, it would be amazing if you referred to it as mentioned below. 

Cebu Pacific change name policy:

So, when you are looking to make the name changes in your flight, you should go through the rules and regulations associated with it too. You are supposed to know the basics of the Cebu Pacific name change policy. The notes of the same are mentioned below:

Highlights of the Cebu Pacific name change policy 

  • You can make the name change through the official website, by calling the airlines, or by visiting the airport. 
  • If you make the name change within the first 24 hours of making the flight booking, then you will not have to pay for your name change charges. 
  • Then again, when you make the name change after 24 hours of booking your flight ticket, you are supposed to pay the charges for the same. 
  • Also, the Cebu Pacific change name fee is never constant. They vary from flight to flight as they depend on various factors like the route, the travel destination, the fare type, and many other criteria. 
  • If any passenger has their flight booked through a travel agency or a travel agent, they are only to receive assistance from them. Cebu Pacific won’t be able to be of much help in these kinds of scenarios. 

How do I change my name on Cebu Pacific? 

So, now you are fully ready to make the name change then, you can do that with the help of the steps mentioned below: 

  • Visit the official website of Cebu Pacific or dial +6 328 540 0393 (Cebu Pacific change flight policy)
  • The tab will unfold, and you will have to add your last name and then your booking reference id to help you navigate to the flight details in which you want to make the name change. 
  • Then once you are on the flight details page, you will see the option associated with modifying the flight details. 
  • When you are on the modifying page, you must submit government-verified documents with your updated name. This will help you to make the name change. 
  • Then, you are to make the payment if asked, and you are done with the name change. However, you should ensure you receive a confirmation mail with the updated flight details. 

How much does it cost to change the name on Cebu Pacific?

The Cebu Pacific change name fee fluctuates based on various flight-related criteria. However, it generally starts from USD 20 and then increases as per the flight ticket. Still, if you make the changes within the first 24 hours of booking your flight ticket, you are not to pay anything. 

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