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Can I change my flight with LOT Polish Airlines? 

Yes, you can change your flight with LOT Polish; sometimes, because of a change in plans, you have to make it at the last minute, and suppose you have a meeting of which you were not aware while you made a ticket booking with the LOT Polish airlines; if you have made ticket purchasing the same day, then you have a time window of free changing of your flight using which you can then choose another day for your flight. To change your flight with LOT Polish Airlines, you have to call the executives on the phone. You can also use the website to manage your booking. also, you can make use of the airport counter, and then after reaching there, you have to tell your PNR and last name to an agent and get your ticket changed easily

What is LOT Polish Airlines' change flight policy?

It is a good idea to know about all the policies so that when you make changes, you can make those changes according to LOT Polish Airlines' change flight policy.

  • According to the LOT Polish flight change policy, you can change your ticket within 24 hours of the booking and then make those changes without a cost. 
  • And If you change your flight after the free window, you will have to pay a cost to the airline to get your ticket changed. 
  • This is only applicable if your reservation has at most nine passengers. 
  • You can also change your flight if there is a technical fault or any other fault, then you can change your ticket without any price. 
  • Suppose you have an illness and want to change your ticket. Then after showing proof of medical to the airlines, you can make those changes without cost. 

How do I change my flight with LOT Polish Airlines?

  • First, visit LOT Polish official website or dial 1 806 256 8457(LOT Polish change flight phone number).
  • Click on the tab “My Trips”.
  • Enter your last name and PNR and get access of the dashboard.
  • Select a LOT flight ticket to make changes or modify.
  • Click on the option “Change my flight”.
  • Enter a new flight date, time, or name to make changes and click “Confirm”.
  • After redirecting to the payment gateway make payment.


You will receive an email for your LOT Polish flight that you changed, and this will be having your boarding pass as well, which you can print to make your process at the airport 

How much does changing flights with LOT Polish Airlines cost to change flights?

If you want to change your flight with LOT Polish and make those changes after the free window for changing a ticket, then you must pay LOT Polish Airlines flight change fees of $90 to the airlines. You have to go to a website to make changes, and then at the payment, you need to pay the amount for the change to get those changes made with your ticket LOT Polish airlines  

How long can you change flights with LOT Polish Airlines?

Suppose you want to know about the time up to which you can change your flight with LOT Polish. For that, you have to keep a note that whatever your flight departure time you have to make sure that those changes are made before 3 hours of the departure of your LOT Polish airlines 

Can I change flights with LOT polish airlines for free?

Yes, you can change your flight with LOT Polish airlines for free for that, you have to follow its cancelation policy of 24 hours which states that if you cancel a ticket within the same day of the ticket. The changes can be made using a phone, or the website manages my booking and. also you can make those changes at the airport after going to the counter of the airport and looking for the counter and after that agent will ask you about your reservation number, which you received at the time of ticket booking along with your last name to access your ticket and then make date changes you have to choose as per the availability.  

After knowing that changes can be made in your ticket booking with LOT Polish Airlines and also after you learned about LOT Polish Airlines' change flight policy, you will now be able to make changes to your flight, and if you are not able to make changes within the free window, you have to give cost and also after following the reschedule process you will be able to reschedule your flight finally you will get your boarding pass 

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