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How do I change my Thai Airways Flight?

What is Thai Airways' change flight date policy?

 Do you want to change your Thai flight? Do you want to change the designation? Do you want to change flight dates? Is there any policy that can help in changing the flight? If yes, what is that policy, and how to change Thai Airways flights? Many times it is seen that customers need to change their flight due to various reasons. So yes, here is Thai airline's change flight policy to follow-

  • Customers can change their domestic Thai Airways flights that are operated by TG only. 
  • In case International flights originating from Thailand, China, Japan, Singapore, and more can make changes via online mode, You have to make the change at least 6 hours before departures.
  • If the changes are made within 24hours of booking, then the customer can get a full refund subject to some conditions.
  • If the changes are made after 24 hours, then the customer needs to pay for normal cancelation changes.

How do I change my flight on Thai Airways?

Do you want to change the Thai Airways flight? But you don’t know the Procedure to change and are unable to understand how do I change my Thai Airways flight. Many customers want to change the ticket due to personal issues that need urgent cancelation or the customer is getting a better deal or the meeting shifted to another date. So here is the Procedure to change the Thai airways ticket.

  1. Open the official website of Thai airways or dial +1 802 200 9500(OTA).
  2. Thai airline's home page will open, and customers need to move to manage the booking section.
  3. If the customer books a ticket online, they are only eligible to change the ticket subject to the condition of Change in date only, not in the destination.
  4. Then customer needs to enter the details of the ticket and click on the change option.
  5. Change date option will open, and the customer can change the date of the departure if within 24hours of booking less cancelation or no cancelation charges will apply if later some charges will be attracted.

Using the above-mentioned steps, the customer will be able to change the Thai airways ticket. If they are still facing any issues and are not clear on how I can change my flight ticket date to Thai Airwaysthen they can contact customer care executives of Thai airlines.

How to change my flight date on Thai Airways?

  1. Go to 802 200 9500(Thai airways change flight number).
  2. Then web page of Thai airlines will appear, and on the top of a web page, the customer will see the booking tab and then click on the manage booking option.
  3. The web page of manage booking will appear to facilitate users with the need to change the departure dates.
  4. Change of the ticket date of department and same destination would open if the previous booking was made through online mode.
  5. Then the customer asked to enter the ticket details and in the middle of the window, tap on the change option.
  6. Finally, the Change date option will activate, and then customers can enter the date of the departure to they want to change the date of departure. If within 24hours of booking, less cancelation or no cancelation charges will apply if later some charges will be attracted.

Above mentioned steps will help the customer to change the dates of Thai airways tickets. If they are still facing any issues regarding Thai Airways Change flight date Thai Airways then they can contact customer care executives of Thai airlines, and customer care executives will give directions to the customer.

How much does it cost to change Thai Airways flight ticket?

  • If you want to change flights on Thai Airways, you need to change them before 6 hours of scheduled flight departure.
  • There will be no charges if you change your flight tickets within 24 hours of booking.
  • There will be charges applicable when tickets are changed after 24 hours of booking.
  • If your flight has been delayed or canceled by the airline, then you can change it without any charges.
  • To make changes in flight Thai airways will deduct  $100 to $400 per person as per the type of the tickets, and you can change them accordingly as they are not changed on the name of another passenger.

How to change a Thai flight without paying the fee?

You need to make changes within 24 hours of booking, so you can change a Thai airways flight without paying a fee. Do you want to change your Thai Airways flight without paying a fee? Many times customer feels the need to change the flight without paying the fee if you want to change the flight without paying additional charges and save flight change fee Thai airways, for that below mention some tips that will help you with the same.

  • Regular checking for schedule changes–Generally, you may see there is a Change in  Thai Airways flight details, sometimes in months, or on some days, or in some weeks. At that time, customers can change the date if falling under Thai airline’s flight change policy or can switch to any carrier. If any such situation hits, the customer can claim a full refund of the amount of booking whether the tickets are non-refundable.
  • Prefer to change the Thai Airways flight on the same day– If the customer faces the issue regarding changing the department time but doesn’t want to change destination and routes. Swap up option for these Changes in departure time on the same days is available on payment of some nominal amount.
  • Customer care help– it is the easiest way that the customer can go with that will change the ticket of Thai airlines if falling on the Thai Airways Flight change policyCustomer care will listen to the customer’s problem and give the best possible solution.
  • Try to travel with a flexible fare- when the customer is confused with ticket booking, they have the option to buy a flexible fare ticket, which facilitates the Change in cheapest cost or without cost subject to some conditions. They are refundable tickets that will facilitate getting a full refund on cancelation.
  • Make Change in 60 dayswith Thai Airways- If customers think that they have time or some month before the departure date, they are advised to go for Change now if they think they are getting a better deal from somewhere else. Many customer-friendly airlines provide Thai airways flight change policy with the option to change at least 60days before. Customers can claim a full refund after the Change of their flight subject to fulfilment of terms and conditions and policies. May be customer need to pay some penalty for it.
  • Make Change within 24 hours- when the customer regretted the decision made by them in selecting the fight and want to change the flight within 24hours, flight change fee Thai airwayswill not get attracted, and customer can change the flight within twenty-four hours of the booking without payment of any additional fee or cancelation charges.
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