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Know About Air NZ name correction policy:

Air New Zealand provides flight options to its customers at an affordable price. Other than flight facilities, the airline also delivers the services such as flight booking, flight cancellation, flight status, and flight change options, the help of which you can modify your flight details according to your valid information. 

The airline has the option on the official site of Air New Zealand. With that help, you can change your name on your Air NZ flight ticket. You can also connect to the airline personnel who will help you modify the passenger's name. But before that, you need to carry your valid identification documents to correct them with the correct details.

Can I change the name on the Air NZ flight ticket?

Yes, the airline provides flexibility to their customers while changing passenger details. The airline offers offline and online modes, the help of which you can make modifications either through an official web portal or call the airline customer service representative at toll-free number 1 (800) 262-1234.

You need to carry your valid citizen id or related documents while making a Change name on an Air NZ flight ticket. But the airline allows you to change the name on your flight ticket free of cost if you have followed the flight change policy wisely so that you can safely change your name without making any error.

How to change the name on an Air NZ flight ticket? 

  • Visit the official website or dial +64 98 896 565/+1 802 200 9500.
  • Click on “My Trips.”
  • Enter your details, such as booking number and last name, and click submit.
  • Select the flight ticket from the dashboard for name correction.
  • Select option “Edit name.”
  • Then change the name(Enter the correct name) and submit it.
  • If something is to be paid on modifications, you can pay the fees through a different mode of payment.
  • At last, the airline will drop a confirmation code message on your registered email id.

This is how you can apply for Air NZ to change the name on your ticket; stay relaxed and go through the procedure again to have a clear cut of the change process. 

How much does changing the name on an Air NZ flight ticket cost?

The airline makes it convenient for you to change the name on the flight ticket free of cost, but there are some cases where the airline may charge you some expense to modify your flight details. But generally, the fee for Air NZ change the name on ticket is around $50; it may vary according to your mistake. While making necessary changes, you need to have legal documents.

What is Air NZ Change name policy? 

Air NZ has issued some terms and conditions or policies, which are made under the supervision of senior authorities. Air NZ change name policy to maintain decorum and a trustworthy relationship between airline authorities and clients. The policies will make you aware of your rights. The policies are written fundamentally so that it will be easier for you to understand.

  • If the passenger has changed their flight ticket after 24 hours of flight booking, then the airline will charge you extra on your modification.
  • If the passenger has made changes in their flight ticket within 24 hours of flight booking, then the airline will not fine you an extra charge; rather than this, you can make modifications free of cost.
  • If you made a booking through a third-party agency, you need to contact that particular agent to change your flight details.
  • The airline provides freedom to their customers to make corrections in their names free of cost to the extent that you can remove some errors from the title to make it similar to the passport details.
  • Minor mistakes can be altered but only up to a few characters.
  • You can request a complete name change through a digital platform or phone call. Moreover, it may cost you some charges from the airline.
  • In some exceptional or legal cases, you are allowed to change your name free of charge, but you need to submit a request.

If you have done with Air NZ change name policy, then make yourself aware of the air NZ flight name change procedure listed below. Go through the procedure, which will redirect you to the flight change section quickly.

If you have any doubt, feel free to contact the airline authority and ask for the necessary information regarding the airline or guidance related to  Air NZ changing the name on the ticket. The airline personnel is professional enough to resolve your every query as soon as possible.

phone3 +64 98 896 565
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          • Gary McDaniels
      • Wife and I would like to purchase tickets LAX to New Zealand for Sept 2022. If I cannot travel at that time due to health issues can name change on my ticket be allowed for my daughter to take my place? Thank you

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