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How can I talk to Ryanair Customer Service?

Ryanair is a low-cost airline which is based in Swords, Dublin. This airline offers its services and facilities to over 200 destinations, and passengers get relaxed and comfortless on board Ryanair flights. However, if you want to make your travel more remarkable and memorable, you must get in touch with Ryanair customer service once you get assistance from a live person in real-time. You will get support on questions like how to get cheap flight fares, how to use miles and reward points to book cheap flights, how to get refunds, or what the cancellation policies are. 

Ryanair Customer care Numbers:

  • Ryanair phone number +353 15825932 (for new reservations or general queries) charges may apply.
  • +44 1279-35-8395 (UK, Customer Service)
  • +44 1279-35-8438 (New bookings/General Queries)
  • +44 1279-35-8588 (Special Assistance)

Ryanair Agents are available from Mon-Fri 06:00 - 20:30 GMT, Sat 08:00 -17:30 GMT, and Sun 09:00 - 17:30 GMT.

How do I speak to someone at Ryanair?

For New bookings or General Queries dial +353 15825932 (local call rates are applied, Mobile calls and other networks may cost more)

Ryanair customer service telephone lines are open: Mon - Fri: 9 AM-7 PM CET, Sat: 9 AM-6 PM CET, Sun: 10 AM-6 PM CET.

How can I get in touch with Ryanair?

  • Dial, Ryanair contact number is +353 15825932 or +44 203 769 8074.
  • Select your language to communicate with Ryanair.
  • You need to listen to the IVR menu.
  • Now Press the number for the query according to IVR commands.
  • Wait for a few minutes to connect with Ryanair representatives.
  • Now, You can talk to Ryanair customer service.

Since you have followed the above-given points step by step, you will get a Ryanair phone number and know how to connect or come in contact with a real person at Ryanair customer services.

How do I chat with Ryanair?

 To make it easier for you, Ryanair has started another best option to connect, which is live chat support, because, with the Ryanair chat option, you can easily manage and confirm your reservation with the assistance of Ryanair virtual assistant. This service is like a chat icon on the contact us page bottom right side, and once you tap over it, a small chat window will launch on-screen, wherein you can type in your query and get answers from a virtual assistant.

 How to send an email to Ryanair?

Ryanair customer service email: Besides you using the phone or live chat option for getting help from Ryanair customer service, you get the third most acceptable option, which is to drop a mail with the Ryanair customer service email, an address which you will get over contact us page of the official website. 

However, suppose you wish for instant support from Ryanair customer care support. In that case, you can follow the team via the experts on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, as these services are in your support 24*7 to provide the customers instant help.

Frequently Asked Questions;

Q1. How do you get a response from Ryanair?

  • Through Phone:- You may dial the Ryanair official number r+44 1279-35-8395 and reach the Ryanair representative to share your problem.
  • Through chat:- Ryanair provides an online chat service to you. You can obtain this from the contact page of the airline’s website.
  • Through email:- If you get through the airline via email, you will get a response back to your email.

Q2. What time does Ryanair desk open?

Ryanair customer service always makes its services available to provide you with the best assistance. You can connect with Ryanair through live chat or call anytime convenient to get quick answers. If you contact via email, you may get the response in 3 to 5 business days, But call and chat support facilities are operated 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. 

Q3.Does Ryanair charge for calls?

Mainly, a phone call to Ryanair customer service does not charge a fee, but if you call to obtain some special assistance and services from the airline, some charges may be applied. Call charges depend on the service you get on call from a live person and on the region where you are contacting the airline.

Q4. How can I contact Ryanair about my refund?

You may reach through multiple ways to get your refund:-

  • Via refund form:- At the time of form cancellation, you get an option to fill out a form for a refund. You will reply to your mail for a refund.
  • Via call:- You can raise a request for your refund through the Ryanair phone number service. And you will get the replies on call and further details related to your refund.

Q5.Is it possible to speak to someone at Ryanair?

Yes, the possibility of contacting a representative from the Ryanair team is accessible because many passengers, before boarding their flight for the trip, might get into trouble with bad weather, medical emergency, flight delay, or customer got stuck in traffic, so in these circumstances, you can reach Ryanair customer service, because immediate help for your queries is delivered from direct contacting of Ryanair customer service team.

Q6. How do I get help on Ryanair?

Now, if you want to reserve a new flight, cancel the existing one, and get a refund, then you have some official points through which you can get help directly from the live person available on Ryanair customer services.

  • For new bookings and general queries, dial +353 15825932 and talk with a live person to get help.
  • Another option through which you can get help would be live chat, as this service is also available on the official home screen of Ryanair's contact us page.
  • If you want help, you must sign up with the email services of Ryanair, and then you can send your query.

Q7. How do I speak to a human at Ryanair?

If you want to talk with Ryanair customer service human through the Ryanair contact number, then you have to get through the following steps to get the proper reference.

  • Dial, Ryanair telephone number +353 15825932 and ring the call 
  • After which, select the language 
  • Now, went on with Ryanair voicemail instructions 
  • After that, press the option that enables your call to patch with a live person
  • At last, you can talk with an agent about your issues and get help.
phone3 +44 203 769 8074
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