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How do I reschedule Vistara Airlines Flight Tickets?

Get all information regarding how does Vistara reschedule flights:

Traveling with Vistara airlines is an excellent experience due to its well-specialized services. But sometimes, as usual, or in the case of other airlines, customers are required to reschedule their flight for various reasons. But for this, it is essential to know “How does Vistara reschedule flights” or how can I reschedule Vistara Flights. It is a simple procedure that we get to consider elaborately in the details provided below.

How to reschedule my Vistara Flight?

In case you are looking to Can Vistara tickets be rescheduled? you should go through the pointers we have provided below. Readout them carefully:

  1. In the first step, customers are required to visit the official website of Vistara Airlines or search out “Vistara Airlines” through your web browser.
  2. After reaching out to its official page, you get to see the separate section of “Manage My Bookings”.
  3. Customers are needed to enter out in this section and provide the information like Booking Reference Number, Passenger’s surname to fetch out the previous booking.
  4. Once you get to see, your booking clicks on the modification tab and change out the date.
  5. Now for changing out the flight dates, you are required to pay out the Vistara tickets reschedule charges”. It is according to the terms & conditions of the airline.
  6. After finalizing the payment, you get to receive the confirmation mail from the airline’s management regarding the rescheduling of your flight. Your new Booking Reference number is also mentioned in this mail so take out the print or the screenshot for future references.

How to reschedule my travel date to Vistara?

To reschedule the Vistara flight date online you need to visit the official website or dial +1 (802) 200-9500. Reschedule made in 24hours of purchase then; no charge is on your ticket, but after 24 hours you will get to pay the change fee.

Steps to reschedule Vistara Flight Airlines:

  • First off, you need to go to an official website page of the airline
  • After that, click on the manage my booking section tab
  • There enter ticket PNR number or reference number and last name of the passenger 
  • Select your current booking and click on the change flight option
  • Now you need to select your preferred flight ticket
  • Then click on your preferred date 
  • Next, choose your new flight, click on the payment page, and pay the amount via the online method
  • At last, tap on the finish to finally change your flight.

Reschedule Vistara Flight tickets through customer service:

In case you cannot reschedule your flight by following the ways mentioned above, you should go through the customer service of Vista airlines. There are various modes to connect with the live representatives, which we are providing out in the below-mentioned pointers:

  1. Via Call.
  2. Via live chat.
  3. Via Email.
  4. Via Social media platforms.

How does Vistara reschedule the Flight tickets? Terms & Conditions

After seeing that how “How can I reschedule my Vistara Flight?”, but it is also essential to get that what are its policies regarding the flight rescheduling:

  1. First & Foremost, in the case of the Vista Airlines flight rescheduling, only the change fees get waived off, but the customer should pay the fare difference.

  2. One thing is essential to concern that bookings must be performed in the 7 days advance.
  3. Customers can make out the reschedule procedure through the official website or the customer service.

How much does it cost to reschedule a flight to Vistara?

After reading out the procedure of “How to reschedule my Vistara flights?”, we should also look out the cost incurred for the rescheduling of flights. So, read out the details carefully for Vistara flight reschedule charges ;

  1. The cost of rescheduling depends on various factors like the fare of the ticket, time of the change, or others.
  2. In some exceptional cases, the airline takes no fees for the flight changes.
  3. After passing the timeline, passengers are required to pay out the rescheduling charges. 
  4. After reading out the detailed guidelines regarding “Vistara reschedule flights” in case of further doubts or questions, you should visit the official support page of Vistara. At its official support, customers can get various options to contact the live representatives for rescheduling purposes. They can provide you with specialized guidance related to rescheduling & other official information.
+1 (806) 256-8457
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