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Can I select a seat on KLM?

A traveler reserving a flight with KLM Airlines may like to select a seat of their choice and comfort, and the airline allows the passengers the same. The passengers can choose seats on KLM Airlines either during the reservation or after that. However, a few policies are enclosed with the seat selection that you need to consider to know about your eligibility. 

KLM Seat Selection Policies

  • The seat selection on a KLM flight can be requested up until check-in. 
  • There are different charges allotted for seat selection on the flight.
  • If you made the booking from a third-party agent, then you are obligated to for the KLM seat selection online. You will have to contact the respective agent for the same. 
  • The advance seat selection wholly depends upon availability. 
  • If you do not choose a seat in advance, any random seat will be assigned to you during the check-in. 

How do I select a seat on KLM Flight?

In case you would like to know how you can choose a seat on your KLM flight, the different methods are explained further. 

Method 1: Choose a seat on the KLM flight while Reservation;

You can opt to select a seat of your liking at the time of online flight reservation with KLM Airlines. The process that you must follow is mentioned below:

  • You have to go to the KLM site in the browser,
  • In the "Book a flight" tab, you have to put your flight ticket requirements,
  • Then tapping the "Search Flights" button, the result flight page will load,
  • Next, you need to choose the flight that you want to reserve,
  • Add the details of the passenger on the appeared page and tap the Continue button,
  • On the new page, you have to opt for the "Seat Selection" option,
  • Pick the seat you like from the availability on the seat map,
  • Next, you will lead to the payment page,
  • Make the payment for the fare amount and the seat selection charges,
  • After the payment, your booking with KLM will be made with your preferred seat. 


Method 2: KLM Seat Selection through Manage My Booking;

After you have completed your booking with KLM Airlines, you can still select a seat of your preference on the reserved flight with the help of the My Trip tab on the website. The process for KLM seat selection online is mentioned below that you can follow:

  • Reach on the webpage of KLM Airlines or dial +1 802 332 0104.
  • Then select the My Trip tab on the homepage,
  • Log in with your booking details or by logging your account,
  • After receiving the booking detail on the screen, you have to select the "Seat Selection" button,
  • It will lead you to the seat map, where you have to select your preferred seat,
  • Then make the required payment,
  • And the seat will be assigned to you on the KLM flight. 

Method 3: Select a seat on the KLM flight at the Airport

In case you did not prefer the KLM seat selection online or could not get a chance for the same, then you can request your preferred seat at the airport itself. You have to approach an airport representative and request seat selection for your KLM flight by sharing the flight details; the representative will tell you the seat availability. You can choose a seat from the available ones and pay the applicable amount. The selected seat will be assigned to you on the flight. 

How to get free seat selection on KLM?

The Blue Silver, Platinum, and Gold members receive the benefit of the KLM seat selection free option. These passengers can get a seat of their choice on the flight without paying the charges.The basic fare passengers also can attain the free seat selection benefit at the time of check-in through the Kiosk. A few hours before the flight booking, KLM set free the seat selection.

How much does it cost to select a seat on KLM Airlines?

The seat selection charges are assigned at the time of selecting the seat. However, on average, choosing a seat at KLM will cost around $21 USD.


Q1.Are economy comfort seats on KLM worth it?

The economy comfort seats on KLM flights have extra legroom and more recliner space. It is worth it for the passengers who have a long haul and want to get an extra comfortable seat on the flight.

Q2. What is the difference between Economy Comfort and Economy KLM?

Economy comfort and economy KLM are both standard seating options. The economy comfort has a higher pitch as compared to the KLM economy class seats with extra recliner space. On the other side of the extra spacious seats, there is no difference in the in-flight services. 

Q3. What's the difference between economy and premium economy on KLM?

If you like to learn about KLM economy comfort vs premium economy to make your booking, here the important points are mentioned:

  • The premium economy seats are more comfortable compared to economy comfort at KLM and also have higher chargers. 
  • With the premium economy, you also get additional baggage benefits at the KLM, which is not available on economy class booking. 
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