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What is the Air France cancellation policy?

Before making the cancellation, you must ensure that you have gone through the policies of Air France. Once you have gone through the right approach, then you can continue with the procedure of applying for the refund. Once you have used the refund, then you'll receive the refund directly in your bank account within seven to twenty working days. Air France is one of the most reputed Airlines in France because of their quality service. You only need to ensure that you have followed the cancellation process on the official website. 

Cancellation policy of Air France:

The  Air France Cancellation policy is given below. Once you have completed the procedure, you can make your ticket refundable. To make it refundable, you need to know the correct period you must follow to receive the refund without any issues. 

  1. You need to cancel the Air France flight ticket within 24 hours as per Air France 24-hour cancellation policy for free cancellation.
  2. If Air France canceled your flight, then also you no need to pay Air France cancellation fee.
  3. You must complete the refund form after canceling within twenty-four hours of booking. 
  4. If you cancel an Air France flight ticket after 24 hours of booking, you need to pay a cancellation fee as per Air France Policy.

How do I cancel my Air France flight online?

  1. Visit or dial +1 304 701 2747 OTA)
  2. Click on the “My Trips” option.
  3. Enter the booking number and passengers' name details.
  4. Go to “Find my reservations” to select a ticket for cancellation.
  5. Choose the option of “Cancel ticket”.
  6. Now, enter a reason for cancellation and “Submit”.
  7. Pay the cancellation fee (As per Air France cancellation Policy)

Once you have made the cancellation, you need to save the cancellation confirmation email you received from Air France. In the email, you need to choose the refund link. To cancel, you can even connect with the customer support of Air France. 

What are the Air France Cancellation fees?

The Air France Cancellation fee is between $100 to $500. The actual charge will depend on several factors like domestic or international flights, etc. You only need to ensure that you have followed the steps ahead. 

Frequently Asked Question:

Q1. Do you have 24 hours to cancel a flight  Air France?

If you purchased an Air France flight ticket then you can cancel the Air France flight ticket within 24 hours of booking or purchase it 7 days before the departure of the flight. As per Air France 24 hour cancellation policy if you cancel a flight ticket within 24 hours you no need to pay a cancellation fee and you will get full refund on any kind of Air France flight ticket.

Q2. Does Air France have a 24-hour cancellation policy?

Yes, Air France has 24 hours cancellation policy where you can cancel your ticket within 24 hours and get your money back for the ticket.  You would get a refund if you bought the ticket one week before the departure of the Air France flight.Even if you have booked your ticket one week before departure but fail to cancel the ticket within 24 hours, then you will be charged by air France.You will have to wait seven business days for your refund request to be reflected in your account. 

Q3. How can I cancel my ticket from Air France?

To cancel your booking with air France you have to go to the website, or if you want to cancel it using the app, you can do so. 

  • First, you have to go to the official website of Air France. 
  • After that, you have to go to my bookings to view your ticket conditions
  •  and modify your trip. After clicking on modify
  • You will have the option of canceling my booking; you have to click on it 

. After that, you will receive a confirmation of the cancelation of your booking on your email and mobile number.

Q4. When can I cancel my Air France flight?

The passengers can cancel the Air India flight to cancel their flight ticket 24 hours before the scheduled departure of their flight. If 24 hours window period is closed, you have to pay the cancellation charges, and the remaining amount of the refundable flight ticket will be credited to you. There is another case where air France does flight cancelation, then you will get another flight booked by the airline. If you want to book the ticket later, the refund is valid 365 days from the actual issue date by air France. You will get a mail regarding the refund and cancelation if you are available for a refund when canceling a ticket with Air France.

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