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Can I select my seat on Korean Air?

Here's how can you select seats on Korean Airlines?

Korean Air is based out of Seoul, South Korea, making it one of the largest airlines in Asia, and also the national carrier of South Korea as well.

If you are wondering about Korean air seat selection, then you can go through this write-up which would help you immensely regarding the same. Kindly follow the steps given below-

  • Go to the official website of Korean Air or (dial, 1-802-200-9500)
  • Locate the Book option on the top middle of your screen.
  • Once you choose that option, you see three columns in the drop-down.
  • You need to check the first column of Plan your travel.
  • Beneath that column, select the third option of Advance Seat Selection and click on it.
  • The Advance seat selection offers you to travel with peace of mind and confidence and is a step closer to planning that perfect trip.

What is the eligibility for advance seat selection?

Advance seat selection is available to passengers who purchase economy class tickets or reserve first-class/prestige class tickets. With the help of Korean Air’s advanced seat selection program, passengers can choose their preferred choice of seat such as the most sought-after window seat or the aisle seat, or sometimes even the middle row. Accordingly, you can select seats on Korean Air through its website or application, whichever suits you.

Passengers can make a booking of their choice of seat in international flights well before the time frame of forty-eight hours from the time of departure in economy class and twenty-fours before the time of departure in first-class and Prestige class.

Cabin class


Domestic (Korea)

First Class

1 hour


Prestige Class

1 hour

30 Minutes

Economy Class

1 Hour and 30 Minutes

30 Minutes


Things to keep in mind to selecting seats on Korean Air:

The point is to fly comfortably and conveniently with Korean air seat selection, so while choosing a flight you need to keep these in mind. You can have a look and consider the points mentioned below before you make a selection of seats-

  • Safety-

If you are one of those passengers who think safety onboard is of utmost importance, then you should select which sits on the trailing edge of the wings

  • Storage-

Are you looking for more space and easy access to your bag in the overhead cabins? Then you should select a seat at the rear end of the cabin. So that, when the plane has reached its parking bay, you can exit from the rear end of the aircraft, thereby not wasting time lining up in the queue just to get your bag from the cabin above.

  • Legroom-

We all love stretching our legs while in flight, but this rarely happens because of the seating arrangement. However, with Korean air seat selectionyou can do it if you choose to select your seats on the exit row that is near the emergency windows. Such seats offer you enough room to stretch and relax your legs.

How to upgrade my seat on Korean Air?

  • Go to the official website of Korean Air
  • Then it would help if you located the Book option on the top middle of the screen 
  • Click on that option, and a drop-down appears.
  • Select the fourth option under the Plan your travel column
  • A new page opens, which gives you the information regarding Seat upgrades.

You find two options of Upgrade my seat on Korean Air-

  • First, one is Upgrade with the purchase
  • The second one is Upgrade after purchase

You can upgrade your seat by redeeming at the same time as and when you buy your ticket.

The process to do it is as follows-

  Selection of itinerary

  • Select purchase and upgrade to view fares eligible for a seat upgrade easily.
  • Upgrades usually apply to international or domestic flights operated by Korean Air to and from Incheon.

 Choice of flight

  • You need to browse through seat upgrade information like mileage deduction, available seats when you select your flight to upgrade your seat on Korean Air.
  • Mileage use has become more accessible, as you can choose an upgradable segment of your itinerary.

 Entering passenger details

You can conveniently view passenger information of yourself and registered family members for a seat upgrade.

  • Kindly contact the Service Centre to make a booking for a child passenger traveling alone.

    For Payment and Mileage deduction

  • Mileage is redeemed simultaneously as paid ticket purchase.
  • You can buy a ticket using a credit card issued in Korea or abroad.
  • For mileage deduction through mileage pooling, you can designate the mileage to be used and the order of use.

    Seat upgrade completion

  • An e-ticket itinerary would be sent to the email you have provided at the time of ticket purchase.
  • You can look into the booking details at My Trips from the official website.

How much it would cost you to choose a seat on Korean Airlines 

The Cost to select seats on Korean Air usually depends on the flight route you are taking. If you are flying economy class, then you are eligible for an upgrade to a business class. 

Similarly, if you are a business class passenger, you are entitled to an upgrade in the Prestige class of Korean Airlines.

Eligibilities to qualify for upgrade seats on my Korean flight

There are certain conditions that a passenger needs to qualify to enable Korean Air seat selection. You, as a passenger, need to have an economy class ticket.

Else, the passenger should reserve the First Class or Prestige Class ticket.

The portal shows you automatically on the page if you are eligible for the upgrade or not. Therefore, the Cost to upgrade seats in Korean Airlines usually depends on the flight route. It varies according to the distance covered by the plane. Plus it is dynamic in nature.

Frequently Asked Question: 

Q1. When can you select seats on Korean Air?

Customers can select seats on Korean air from  361 days to 48 hours prior to the flight departure. To select a seat you can choose the official Korean air website or can get help with +1 802 200 9500.

phone3 +1 802 200 9500
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