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Is Air France provide special assistance?

Air France always takes care of that to provide the best services and comfort to their passengers, and their passengers never face any issues. For this, they make various kinds of assistance for their passengers (senior citizens, adults, children, pregnant women, disabled or disabled passengers) of any age group. However, if you are also going to travel with Air France and searching for Is Air France provides such special assistance, "yes," you will get special assistance from the Air France customer service by requesting them. 

And, if you don't know how you can request special assistance, here, you will get the steps of requesting. So, you can request them by calling on Air France assistance number.

How do I add assistance to my Air France flight?

You may request assistance with Air France flights while booking online or at least 48 hours before by dialing 1 304 701 2747 or visiting to the official website of Air France

How do I book assistance with Air France?

  1. To get special assistance visit
  2. Look for the help & contacts section and click on the "Contact us" tab.
  3. Find Air France's special assistance phone number and dial +33 9 69 36 72 77 / +1 304 701 2747
  4. .Wait for connecting the call to the Air France person, and you will listen to some options, 
  • Press 1 for booking 
  • Press 2 for acknowledging flight detail
  • Click 3 to requesting for special assistance
  • Press 4 to talk to the live person

    5. So, press 3 to request special assistance at the airport & onboard the flight. And by talking with the Air France person, you can easily get special assistance. 

How do I request special assistance from Air France?

There are many ways to request special assistance with Air France. So, that is, by which you can request it.

  • By filling the Air France special assistance request form 
  • Request it while the reservation

Thus, if you don't know how to get this, here are the steps to book assistance at Air France customer service.

Steps to book assistance at Air France flight:

Request  Air France assistance via Fill out the Special Assistance form: 

  1. Go to the official page of Air France. 
  2. Tap on the customer support 
  3. You will find a specific region of services, so click on special assistance.
  4. Further, you will see a Special assistance form, pawl on it.
  5. By clicking on that, the form will open.
  6. Then, you must enter all the valid details in the form & request for getting special assistance from Air France at the airport/ onboard flight.
  7. Also, add the type of assistance you need (a wheelchair or personal mobility device.)
  8. Then, recheck it properly and submit the form.

Further, Air France customer support will contact you to verify your need, and you will get assistance at Air France whenever you need it. 

Request for special assistance with Air France while the reservation;

For that, you need to open the Air France web page on your search engine, 

  1. Select your route, select the dates and departure, and add the number of passengers,
  2. And continuing the process.
  3. Choose your flight and add your details to book the flight.
  4. Select seats and reserve them. Then, follow all steps, or next it. 
  5. There you will see the option of special assistance; click on it 
  6. Add what kind of assistance you require (wheelchair assistance or mobility device assistance)
  7. Select where you need this help or on boarding the flight. And, save it. And pay the difference for your reservation. 

The special assistance is free, and you don't need to pay any cost to Air France for taking the help. And you will get your wheelchair or mobility device from the ticket counter.

How does Air France's assistance work?

Air France's assistance works when you request service by calling on Air France assistance number or filling out a form within 48 hours of flying the flight from the departure. And, after requesting 48 hours of flying the flight, you can get special assistance of mobility devices or wheelchairs at Air France easily. 

How do I get wheelchair assistance with Air France?

After making the reservation, if you want wheelchair assistance with Air France, it is an easy method, and there are various modes available through which you can request assistance. Below are mentioned some of the ways to get special assistance from the airline:

  • Request for assistance at the time of booking.
  • Contact customer service, and they will provide assistance.
  • Visit the airport helpdesk and speak to the representative. 

How do I request assistance at Air France airport?

If you want to get Wheelchair Assistance with Air France, there are three quick methods, and you can use any of them. Read the given information to learn about the process for requesting assistance from the airline at the airport:

Through official website;

  • Visit the official webpage of Air France or open the official mobile application.
  • Pin out the "Manage booking" option from the menu.
  • Type your "Booking reference number" and "Last name." 
  • Tap on "Request special assistance" and choose the options as per your choice. 
  • Select the type of assistance you need and submit the form.

Through phone number 

  • Dial Air France's special assistance phone number 1800 4192 033/+1 304 701 2747 from your cell phone.
  • Choose the IVR option to request special assistance.
  • Then you will be connected with the customer service executive.
  • Explain your issue, and the representative will be ready with assistance when you reach the airport. 

Through Airport 

  • Visit the airline help desk at the airport at least 24 hours prior to the flight departure.
  • Provide your flight information to the customer service executive.
  • Then discuss the type of assistance you need from the airline.
  • After that, the customer service executive will help you with the assistance and provide it when you reach the airport for the departure. 

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When you can request Assistance from Air France?

phone3 +1 304 701 2747
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