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Can I request special assistance on Lufthansa?

Elderly passengers or passengers with mobility issues need special assistance. Lufthansa Airlines offers special assistance for the convenience of travelers. Lufthansa's special assistance request is excepted by the airline for sensory impairment, mobility issues, and needed medical care. You can apply for the services if having any special needs like allergies to specific foods.

What is the phone number for Lufthansa's special assistance?

Passengers can inform you through the online form at the time of making a reservation, or they can speak with a Lufthansa assistance number ​1-800-645-3880/ 1806 256 8457 for at least 72hours so that they can arrange the facilities for you. Let's find the more about the services.

How do I request special assistance on Lufthansa?

  • Dial Lufthansa's special assistance number ​1-800-645-3880/ 1806 256 8457 or visit the official website of Lufthansa.
  • Enter the flight details like destination, date, and number of passengers to search the flight. 
  • Click on the Search the flight button. 
  • You have to select the itinerary based on your requirements after searching for the flight. 
  • Check the button for special assistance. 
  • You need to fill out the details. 

Check the confirmation details sent to your registered mail id. In case of any issues, you can contact Lufthansa's assistance number for help. 

Get Special Assistance services:

Here are the facilities offered by the airline: 

  • Flyers with sensory impairments such as hearing, visual impairment, or cognitive disabilities requested their demands. Lufthansa will provide what you need to make your trip comfortable and smoother. 
  • The airline also offers wheelchair assistance before, during, and after the flight. 
  • For older people, services like suitable seats with extra leg rooms. 
  • Medical care is available for the flyers who have joined the Doctor on Board program. 
  • Passengers need to fill out the Medical care form for health issues involving heart and lung disease and strokes. However, you need to fill out the Medical care form. 
  • If you have any allergies to specific food or items and boarding a long flight. You can contact the airline to inform the airline in advance so other options will be considered for you. 

Passengers who have any issues related to the Lufthansa special assistance request can speak with a live representative by dialing the contact number. 

Can I check online if I applied for Lufthansa's special assistance? 

No, if you have applied for assistance, you need to be available at the airport to check in and get the boarding pass. If you need more information about the check-in facilities at the airport, dial the  Lufthansa assistance number for support. 

How early should I reach the airport to book assistance on Lufthansa Airlines? 

Passengers are suggested to reach the airport timely. You should consider the busier travel time before planning to visit the airport because you have to report to the special assistance desk and check-in counter depending on your requirement and before the 60 minutes flight schedule. 

Even if the disabled passengers have checked in online, they need to report at the check-in counter. 

Can I request a wheelchair after booking a Lufthansa ticket? 

The guaranteed assistance is accessible if you apply for at least 48 hours. If you speak with a live representative after 48 hours left to depart the flight, the airline isn't sure whether you can offer the services as limited special assistance passengers are allowed on a flight. To avoid last-minute trouble, you need to inform the airline timely. 

What are the facilities Lufthansa offers for elderly people? 

The airline understands elders also want to explore different destinations, so aging should not stop them from enjoying vacation trips. Lufthansa assistance for elderly passengers is provided the following services: 

  • Wheelchairs
  • Comfortable seats
  • Extra leg room
  • Special care lounge that needs to be booked for at least 48 hours. 

Do flyers need to pay for the Lufthansa special assistance service? 

Generally, the airline offers the wheelchair service without any fee. There is no Lufthansa wheelchair assistance cost for the needy flyers. The airline doesn't charge for two wheelchairs, scooters, mobility devices and sports wheelchairs, and personal equipment in addition to checked bags. Flyers are allowed their battery-powered wheelchair, but they need to inform the airline for safety reasons whether this is permissible at the airport. 

However, the airline may charge you fee-based guide service for foreign passengers, business flyers, groups of families, and older passengers during the connecting flight or at the time of departing and arrival of the flight at the airport. 

In case you have any issues, passengers can dial the Lufthansa special assistance contact number 1(806) 256-8457 or 1 (800) 645-3880 for guidance. Visit the website for more information. 

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