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How do I contact Qatar Airways in Dubai?

As you know, Qatar Airways is the most popular and provides a luxurious travel experience. With dedicated customer service team members, you can get your doubts cleared and have a stress-free and comfortable journey with Qatar Airways. This context will help you to know about the contact methods and various other information.

Is there a Qatar Airways office in Dubai?

Yes, Qatar Airways does have an office at Dubai International Airport. If you would like to contact the Qatar Airways office in Dubai Airport, you can use the toll-free number +974-44237103 to get in touch with a live agent.

Qatar Airways Dubai Office contact information:

Airport name: Dubai International Airport

Qatar Airways Dubai Office: #3215, Terminal 1 (Near Food Court Area) Dubai International Airport, Dubai · 

Airport contact number: +971 4 224 5555/1 (877) 777-2827/1(806)256-8457

Qatar Airways Dubai office number: +974-44237103

International customer service number (Doha/Qatar): +974 4023 0000

Email address: 

Working hours: 0900 – 1800 (Saturday – Thursday)

You can use the above information to contact the customer service at the airport or the customer service of Qatar Airways in Dubai International Airport. Call customer service during the Qatar Airways Dubai office timings for quick support.

How to call Qatar Airways Dubai Office?

You can use the simple procedure for calling customer service that is provided in the below points.

  • Dila Qatar Airways 24 hour contact number Dubai +974-44237103/1 (877) 777-2827/1(806)256-8457
  • Dial the given number and then select the language of your choice.
  • Follow the IVR commands, and the IVR commands go as follows:
  • For reservations-related queries, press 1
  • For cancellation-related queries, press 2
  • For a refund, press 3
  • For general queries press 4
  • To connect to a live agent, press 9
  • To return back to the main menu press 0
  • Press the key according to your preference.
  • If you would like to contact the live representative, press the number accordingly.
  • In a short while, you will be connected to the agent by the system.
  • Describe your issues and get the solutions from the professional.

If you are unable to connect using the contact number, you can also use the email option to contact the service team department of Qatar Airways.

What are Qatar Airways customer service timings in the Dubai Office?

The working hours of the Qatar Airways customer service in Dubai are 0900 – 1800, Saturday through Thursday. You can contact the support team during these hours. It is recommended to call in the early morning hours to get quick support. 

How to contact Qatar Airways for baggage inquiries in the Dubai Office?

You can use the Qatar Airways contact number 24 hours Dubai +974-44237103, or you can use a complaint form which is available on the official support page of Qatar Airways. Call the number and then you must follow the command to connect with a live agent of Qatar Airways.

Which terminal does Qatar Airways use in Dubai Airport?

For passengers who are wondering about the Qatar Airways terminal at Dubai Airport, the terminal is T1 at the Dubai International Airport. The airlines use Terminal 1 for both arrival and departure points at the airport. If there is any change in the terminal, you can immediately contact the support service and get assistance.

All the information regarding the Qatar Airways Dubai office is given in the above context. You can go through and get the information to contact the customer support of Qatar Airways and get the needed assistance.

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