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How do I change a flight with Fiji Airways? 

Fiji Airways is very flexible with their Policies, and you can change or reschedule your flight anytime. By paying some charges, you will be able to change your flight. Before Changing your flight, you might have some questions regarding Fiji Airways.

What is Fiji Airways' change flight policy?

If you wish to change your booked flight with Fiji Airways due to some personal or emergency reason, you can easily do that but first, check out the change flight policy of Fiji Airways.

  • If you wish Fiji airways to change the flight date - You need to pay some amount for reissuing and then can change the flight date up to 11 months after booking.
  • Fiji Airways provides free rebooking if the flight status is changed by their side, which means if the flight is delayed for more than 3 hours, you do not need to pay the Fiji airways change flight fee and can rebook your flight.
  • One needs to request a flight change before 24 hours of flight departure.
  • Change of flight or cancellation of a booked ticket within 24 hours of booking will not charge you any fee.
  • While requesting Fiji airways change flight dates, Fiji will not be responsible for other costs like hotel or ground transportation.
  • Fiji Airways' change flight policy is applicable only if the booking is made via the Fiji Airways website by contacting Fiji customer service or the airport ticket counter.

How can I change my flight with Fiji Airways?

To make modifications or changes to Fiji Airways flight ticket, you need to visit its official website or dial +1 806 256 8457(Fiji Airways flight change phone number). You must go through the Fiji Airways change flight policy to make modifications. The cost of a flight can vary from your old flight ticket cost as the fare depends on the destination and time of any flight. So you need to pay the fare difference to continue your reissuing flight online.

What are the methods to make changes in Fiji Airways?

You can change your flight with Fiji airways by requesting to change your flight via online or offline mode. You can either visit the website of Fiji Airways or contact their customer service team. Following are the methods to change flight:

Through the Website:

To change or reschedule your flight with Fiji online through the website, you need to follow the below steps:

  • Open the official website.
  • Go to Fiji Airways manage booking available on the homepage.
  • Enter the Last Name & Booking Reference No. of the flight you want to change.
  • Tap on the search button.
  • Select the flight to change from the appeared list.
  • Tap on the change flight option and enter your new required date.
  • Select the preferred flight you want to take from the results that appear after the search.
  • Pay for the latest flight (if needed) and press confirm.
  • You will receive a new booking confirmation, and your old reservation will be canceled.

Through a Phone Call:

To change your flight, you can directly call the Airline and speak with someone. You can contact the Fiji Airways customer service team by contacting helpline no. (+) 6796 720 888 and speak with an expert to make any change to your Fiji airways flight schedule. For this, your last name & booking reference no. will be required. You can reschedule or rebook a flight simultaneously after paying the flight difference or change fee (if any).

How much does it cost to change a flight with Fiji Airways

Changing your flight with Fiji Airways can cost you around $150. And if the rebooking is not done within 72 hours of the flight change, the Fiji airways change flight fee will be $250. The cost of changing a flight also depends upon the fare difference. It varies according to your old flight fare and new flight fare.

How do I call Fiji Airways to change my flights?

You can call Fiji Airways customer support service and speak with a person from Fiji Airways. Their customer service number is +679 6720 888, which is available 24*7. They will make the changes on your behalf of you as you ask for after charging a basic fee.

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