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How do I change the flight date on Korean Air?

When you make a travel plan and random things force you to change it, it gets hectic. But if you have made the bookings with Korean Air, you can change the flight with the airline easily. You don't need to cancel the complete reservation and rebook the flight for that.

If you are willing to change your flight dates on Korean Air, this article can help you. You can learn about the Korean Air flight change policy, the process, and the cost to make the modifications in your booking. So let's check the important things you should know before changing a flight date with Korean Air.

What is the Korean air change flight policy?

If you need to change the travel date with the airline, here are some important policies you should know:

  • You can make change the flight date on Korean air before 2 hours of the scheduled departure.
  • You need to check whether Korean Air flights are traveling on your revised date; otherwise, you must cancel the booking.
  • If you are making a change in flight date with Korean air, it is free, but after that, you need to pay the change fee and the fare difference for the new flight.
  • You can make the changes only from the source of booking the ticket.

You should know these major points before changing the date with Korean Air. You can use the official customer service website to complete the Korean Air change flight process. If you want to know the steps to amend your flight, check the following segment below:

Can I change my flight date on Korean Air?

Passengers can follow the steps to change their flight date on Korean Air:

  1. Visit,
  2. Alternatively, dial +1(802)200-9500 for the Korean air change flight date.
  3. Click on the “My Trips” option.
  4. After that, enter the booking code and surname of the passenger.
  5. Click on Find Trips” to see your bookings with the airline.
  6. Select the “Change flight” or Reschdule option to change the flight date.
  7. Go to the date section and select a new date and "Submit".
  8. Click on the Find Flight button to see the flights traveling that day.
  9. Select a flight and pay the fare difference to rebook the flight if applicable.

Similarly, you dial the Korean air change flight contact number to change the date on call. For that, you need to provide the flight details to the live person of the airline.

How much does it cost to change Korean Air flights?

Korean Air charges a change fee of $35 to make offline or online changes. Moreover, there is no fee for changing the dates within 24 hours of booking the tickets. But you must pay the fare difference of the new flight if applicable. If you have made the bookings through a travel agency, contact the agents to know the change fee.

So, these are some key information you must know before changing the flight with this airline. However, if you are confused about the Korean air flight change fee, contact the experts anytime. The operatives provide you with concrete information after checking the details of your flight. Once the flight change is confirmed, you can get the confirmation email with a revised e-ticket. Now hurry up and make the changes to seal a cheap deal with Korean Air.


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