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Learn to change flight dates on Lufthansa

Lufthansa Airlines allows passengers to make required changes to their flight tickets before boarding the flight. Each change requires an administration fee at Lufthansa airlines. Passengers' plans can be changed at anytime. That's why Lufthansa has flexible flight tickets to make it more convenient for the passengers to fly with them. Lufthansa customer service changed flights at the request of passengers within a few minutes without any hassle.

Can I change my flight date on Lufthansa?

Yes, you can change your flight date on Lufthansa. If you cannot travel on the same date you have booked flights; then there is no need to cancel and reebok as you can change the date of your flight ticket. Lufthansa permits passengers to make changes to the date on their reserved flight according to their needs.

What is Lufthansa's change flight policy?

Lufthansa Policy allows passengers to change flight dates, make name changes or corrections, reschedule, and rebook their flight tickets. Lufthansa change flight policy are: 

  1. Changes on Lufthansa Flight can be made only before the boarding time of the booked flight.
  2. No administration fee will be charged on changes within 24 hours of booking.
  3. You can make Lufthansa change flight date online or through their customer service if the booking has been made directly from Lufthansa Airlines.
  4. On the date change of the Lufthansa flight, passengers need to pay the difference amount of the flight tickets.
  5. On third-party bookings, passengers should contact the same party for any changes to the flight ticket.
  6. You can also avail of the Lufthansa same-day flight change policy to make the needful changes on the boarding date of the flight.
  7. Changes could not be made to individual flight tickets if the booking was made as a group.
  8. The fee for flight change applies per passenger, no matter if you are making changes to the whole group.

How to change Lufthansa flight date?

  • Visit Lufthansa official website or dial +1 806 256 8457(Lufthansa change flight phone number)
  • Click on the “My Trips”.
  • Enter the booking code and the passenger's last name to get access.
  • Select the Lufthansa flight ticket to which you want to change the date,
  • Click on the Change date option,
  • Enter the new date you want to book a flight,
  • Select the suitable flight to book,
  • Pay the flight change fee plus fare difference,
  • After that, your flight changes will be done.

Now you will receive notifications regarding changes in the Lufthansa flight tickets from Airlines on your registered email id and phone number.

What are the methods to change Lufthansa flight date?

There are a number of methods present by which you can change your flight date on Lufthansa flight tickets online and offline, whichever is suitable for you. By all of these methods, changes in flight dates can be possible. The available methods are:

Through Mobile App: Lufthansa has launched a mobile app for the convenience of passengers; the mobile app can be used to get information about the airlines, book a flight, or modify the date. You can change the date of your Lufthansa flight ticket through this app. Follow the steps in order to change the date with Lufthansa mobile app:

  1. Download the Lufthansa Mobile App on your device,
  2. Open the Lufthansa app and log in with your account to access the trips,
  3. Click on the Menu Button and Choose the "My Bookings" option,
  4. Your booking details will appear on the screen,
  5. Under the flight Ticket "Change Date" option will be available,
  6. Tap on the option and modify the date to search flights,
  7. Select a new flight ticket that is suitable for the new date,
  8. Check if there is a fare difference,
  9. Make the payment of the date change charges and the difference amount,
  10. Continue with booking a flight at a new date,
  11. Download your e-ticket on your device after the change date.

Through Website: From the Manage Booking option of the Lufthansa Airlines website, any changes can be made. By entering the confirmation code and last name, access your itinerary, select the change date option, search and book a flight with a new date through the website and get confirmation through email.

Through Call: contacting Lufthansa's customer service can also help you with the date change on your booked flight. Get the contact number from Lufthansa's official website and call on the number. Wait till your call connects with their officials, let them know you want to change the flight date, and tell them your booking confirmation number. The official will make the required changes and book the flight on a new date with the administration fee.

How much does it cost to change Lufthansa flight date?

The cost to change the Lufthansa flight date is approximately $150 to $300. It all depends on your flight type, the time you are making changes, and various other terms. The fare difference is the additional cost of changing Lufthansa flights.

What number do I call to change my Lufthansa flight

If you wish to change your Lufthansa flight by calling, then here is the procedure. You can contact Lufthansa customer service change the flight and request the desired changes. By the following instructions, you can avail the assistance of a live person to change your Lufthansa flight:

  • Dial the toll-free number 5162 9696 50 on your mobile phone,
  • Select a language to listen to the automated voice commands,
  • Press 1 to know your booking details,
  • Press 2 to cancel a flight at Lufthansa,
  • Press 3 to check the status of a particular flight,
  • Press 0 to connect with a person at Lufthansa,
  • Tell the live person what changes you require on your Lufthansa flight,
  • The person will guide you on the same and provide you with the instructions.
  • Make your booking confirmation handy, as it is required by Lufthansa to make changes,
  • Pay the charges applicable to your flight tickets via an online platform,
  • The customer service team will make the changes to your Lufthansa flight ticket

How late can I change my flight date on Lufthansa

You can make changes on your Lufthansa flight till 30 minutes before the flight's departure, but with a fee. If you want to change flights for free of cost, you must make the desired changes within 24 hours of booking, that too 7 days before the departure of the flight. Lufthansa allows passengers to make changes at the last minute, but it should be at least 40 hours before your flight's scheduled time. And at the last minute, the change fee is comparatively high.

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