Can I change my Allegiant Air flight?

The Allegiant ai provides different modes online or offline where you can make changes through the official website, or you can call the customer service executive at Allegiant or your travel agent, who will guide you best until you reach the flight change page. Allegiant has introduced some of the terms and conditions, which they call policies or Allegiant change flight policy; the policies allow their customer to make changes in their respective flight without paying any extra penny on your changes if they applied 1 hour before the departure schedule. The procedure is very simple and basic. The steps in the procedure are explained in a layman's language so that you can easily make changes. After changing the flight, you need to pay an Allegiant change flight fee, and the airline provides different payment gateways through which you can pay for making changes. If there is some compensation, the airline will send the remaining amount to your mentioned payment mode.

What is Allegiant Air changing flight policy?

The Allegiant Air Change Flight Policy can answer your most confusing question: Can I change my Allegiant flight? The answer is a big yes; the airline provides freedom to their customers to change their flight within the time limit issued by the airline; if the person exceeds the time limit, then they need to pay some charges that you will know through the below-mentioned policy.

  • If the person changes the flight within 24 hours of booking, the airline will not charge you the flight change fare.
  • If the person changes the flight after 24 hours of booking, the airline will charge you the flight change fare.
  • Booked the flight through a third party or with some travel agency; you need to contact the third party to make changes to your flight.
  • If you have changed the flight, and your new flight is the costlier one, then you need to pay some extra on your updated flight option through different modes of payment. On the other hand, if it is the cheapest flight option, the airline will compensate for your given flight fare.

So you have gone through the policies to answer your question, can I change my Allegiant flight? These policies will help the airline maintain a trustworthy environment among its customers. These policies are made under the supervision of senior authorities.

How do I change my Allegiant Air flight?

  1. Visit Allegiant Air's official website,, or dial 1-802-200-9500 (OTA)
  2. Click on “My Trips.”
  3. Enter your booking reference number and last name and submit it.
  4. Select the flight ticket you need to make a change.
  5. Choose the option “Change flight.”
  6. Enter new details like make change in Flight with Allegiant Air.
  7. Now, pay the change fee if applicable to you.

You are now all set to make the necessary changes to your flight; after that, the airline will mail a confirmation message regarding the change to your registered email id.

If you have changed your flight from a higher to lower flight option, it may vary in Allegiant change flight fee; on the other hand, if you have changed your flight to the expensive one, it may charge you more in your allegiant flight change fee. So be sure about the budget before changing your flight.

How to call on Allegiant Air change Flight phone number?

Allegiant airline provides a digital platform where you can make a change in your flight while sitting at your home, or else the airline provides Allegiant change flight phone number (1702 505 8888 /+1 802 200 9500(OTA) ); the number is available twenty-four hours and seven days but keep the traveling details like booking number with you while making a call to the live person so that it is easier for him the change the flight for you.

You can change through online mode, open through the official site of Allegiant, then move to manage the booking section. With the help of the change option, you can make necessary changes related to your flight. 

How much does it cost to change a flight with Allegiant?

  1. Allegiant charges you the flight change fee according to the trip flex. If you have the flex trip and applied it during flight booking, there is no cost. 
  2. On the other hand, if you do not apply trip flex, the airline charges you around 75$ per person.
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