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How to Change Passenger Name on Korean Air Tickets?

While planning our trips, our mind thinks of many things, be it destinations, hotels, etc. In this situation, many travelers insert the wrong information in the ticket by mistake. Most of the airlines do not support the changes, or they ask you to rebook your ticket. But if you have booked your flight with Korean Air, you can change your itinerary details easily.

If you have entered the wrong name on the ticket and wondering about how to change my name on Korean Air, you have landed on the right page. You will get to learn about the name change process of your ticket and the name change policy of the airline. Let’s check the process to change your name on the Korean Air ticket without wasting much time.

Steps to change passengers names on Korean Air tickets:

  • Visit or dial +1 802 200 9500(OTA, to change the name on Korean air)
  • Click on the Trip menu.
  • To get access Enter your flight ticket number and name on the ticket.
  • Click the "change name" or "Edit name" option.
  • Write here the correct name of the passenger and save it.
  • Proceed to pay the change fee if applicable on the ticket and click on the Change button.
  • You will get the revised ticket in your email inbox after making the change.

As we don’t want you to face any confusion at the time of modifying your name in the ticket, you must know some of Korean Air's name change policies. You can check the next segment given below for the name change policies.

What is the Korean Air name change policy? 

  • Name correction: You can correct the spelling of your name on the Korean Air ticket, but you are not allowed to transfer your ticket to another passenger by changing the name on your ticket.
  • Correction for hyphen: Under the IATA guidelines, Korean Air does not add any space or hyphen in the names, so if you see such mistakes, you can contact the customer service of Korean Air.
  • Legal name change: If you have changed your name legally, you need to make the KoreanAir change name on the ticket and on your Skypass.
  • Verification Id: If you have changed your name legally, you need to show your IDs while making the changes. If there is a simple correction in the spelling, there is no need to show your IDs.
  • Platform: You can correct your name on the official website of Korean Air as well as by calling customer support. If you have booked your ticket with some third party, you need to contact that agency to change the names.

24-hour name change policy of Korean Air

  • As per the Korean Air name change policy, you have to pay a change fee if you have booked your ticket with some third party.
  • You don’t need to pay the change fee if you want to change your name within 24 hours of booking the ticket.
  • The 24-hour name change policy is applied on all the restricted and non-restricted fares.

You can also change the Passenger's name on a Korean air ticket through:

  • Via Phone Call: You can contact the customer representative of Korean Air to change your name on the ticket.
  • At the airport: If you have booked the flight at the airport, you can complete the Korean Air name change process at the airport's ticket counter.

You will be able to change or correct your name in the Korean Air flight after using any methods given above. Ensure that you have gone through the changed policy of Korean Air in detail to avoid confusion in the future. The social media platforms will also help you to get updates about revised policies and rules of Korean Air.

These are some important information to know about the name change at Korean Air. You can also check the airline's official website to check the policies and change fees of Korean Air. You will get each information in the Ticket Change and Refund Section of the airline. You can also take the help form FAQs and customer support to know the answer of how to change my passenger name on Korean Air.

phone3 +1 802 200 9500
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