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Can Royal Jordanian Airlines allow to make Change in flight?

Traveling with Royal Jordanian airlines will help you avail yourself of multiple facilities such as cabin compartment seats, traveling with pets, extra luggage policies, etc. After making the bookings, if you get any issues like a meeting gets postponed, weather is not sure to travel, unstable health, etc., you will also get the option to change the Royal Jordanian flight schedule. But you have to apply for the flight rescheduling before the flight departure time. 

What is Royal Jordanian Airlines Change flight policy?

There are multiple policies given by Royal Jordanian airlines for flight rescheduling by which you will get information about whether you have to pay the charges for flight change or you can do it without any payments. To know the flight change policies of Royal Jordanian airlines, you have read below. 

  • You can reschedule the flight without paying any fee if you do it within 24 hours of purchasing tickets, and date of flight departure date is after seven days. 
  • After completing the 24 hours of the booking period, you have to pay the Royal Jordanian Change flight fee flight change, and the amount of the fee will count as per the time left on the flight departure date. 
  • If you get any medical issues after reserving the flight, you can change the bookings without paying any charges. Still, you have to show all the relevant documents to the representatives.
  • As per the flat tire rule, if your vehicle gets any issues while reaching the airport, then you have to inform the Royal Jordanian representative, and they will change the flight, but charges are applicable.
  • When purchasing the tickets, if you buy insurance for a ticket, you can change the flight without paying charges. 

How do I change my Royal Jordanian Reservation? 

Through Royal Jordanian Airlines' official website or dial +962. 6. 5100000 or +1 806 256 8457 (USA, Canada) to make changes in Royal Jordanian flight reservations.

Steps to change Royal Jordanian Flight booking:

Step 1: Through the official website or dial +962.6.5100000 

Step 2: Click on the “View Booking” tab.

Step 3: Enter the last name and booking reference number to access the dashboard.

Step 4: Select the option “Change reservation” for the flight ticket

Step 5: Enter the New flight date and submit.

Step 6: Following this, you have to save the change and go to the payments section

Step 7: Next, make the payments and get the email of successfully changing the flight on your email id. 

How much does it cost to change my flight with Royal Jordanian booking?

The amount you have to pay to change the bookings will vary per the flight route, seat type, and time left on the departure date. You have to pay the Royal Jordanian change flight date fee between 180 USD to 240 USD if you are having a flight to a domestic destination. If you are going to any international destination, you have to pay the amount between 240 USD to 300 USD. If you purchase the tickets using miles, you must contact the representative by dialing this number  +(962).6.5100000 for the flight change. They will guide you about all the policies, fees, and miles you must pay for the flight change. 

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