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How do I check-in with Southwest?

If you have made a Southwest Airlines flight reservation and after making a reservation, you are wondering what are the available ways to check in with Southwest; then there are multiple options for the same. In the upcoming section detailed description of all the alternatives is given for customers' use. They can use any of the approaches according to their preference. If you have any confusion about the check-in process, then you can contact Southwest Customer Service, who will provide the relevant information to resolve it. 

Different ways to Check-in on Southwest Airlines:

Online Check-in on Southwest Airlines:

Southwest provides the time-saving option of online check-in to travelers. This option avoids long waits standing in the queue at the airport. If any person desires to do online check-in for their flights, then he must obey the sequential steps given below carefully:

  • Visit Southwest airline's official website
  • Select your language from the top of the menu bar to communicate with an agent.
  • Enter your sign in credentials to get into your account.
  • To begin the online check-in procedure, passengers must enter their flight confirmation number and traveler's first and last name and press the check-in button.
  • Now you can select your preferred seats, or you can save and download your boarding pass. 

Southwest Airlines check-in at the Airport:

If you forget to check in online or you are not comfortable with the procedure, then you can use the conventional method of check-in. After reaching the airport, you must handle your flight booking details to the airline representatives by reaching the check-in counter. He will help you with the check-in process, and also, if your seats are not pre-booked, you can request them to reserve seats according to your preference. Finally, you must collect your boarding pass and continue the process.

Southwest Airlines Kiosk Check-in:

If you have reached the airport and you witness a long queue at the check-in counters, then you can skip the line and must reach the self-check-in kiosk. You must enter your booking reference number and other relevant passenger information. Also, you must take a printout of your boarding pass. 

What is the fastest way to check-in on Southwest?

If you are wondering what medium must be used to check in fastest on Southwest Airlines, then you must use the option of Earlybird check-in. If you purchased this facility, then you will be able to check in even before the traditional 24 hours before flight departure. The check-in facility is available automatically. If you are A-list preferred member, then you are not required to purchase early-bird check-in as the facility is available to them by default. Other than Earlybird, the other fastest option is online check-in, which can be done from your home and saves you a lot of time. 

How do I check in on my phone for Southwest?

If you wish to check in on your phone before your Southwest flight departure, then you must follow the online Southwest Airlines Check-in app instructions provided below:

  • After downloading and installing the Southwest application on your device, open it.
  • You are advised to enter your existing login credentials to proceed further.
  • Once you come across the check-in option, you must enter the flight confirmation number and passengers name. 
  • Press the retrieve reservation option on the official application. 
  • Tap the check-in now button to end the process. 
  • Now you can save the details and also take a printout or screenshot of the pass. 

Why won't Southwest let me Check-in online?

Many customers search for why Southwest Airlines' check-in online procedure is not available to them; then they must refer to some of the reasons why the airline does not allow them to check in online:

  • If you are trying to check in online before 24 hours of flight departure.
  • If you have made flight reservations using senior, child, or infant fares and you have not provided age-verifying certificates to the airline. Sine age verification is mandatory before check-in.
  • If the time left in your flight departure is less than one hour, then also you will not be permitted to check in online. 

Does check-in early get you a better seat on Southwest?

Yes, if you check in early on Southwest airlines, then the possibility of getting your desired seats are preferably more. If you are searching about Southwest check-in time to get better seats, then you can use the online process 24 hours before flight departure. If you have purchased early bird tickets, then apart from early boarding slots, you will also receive better seating options. 

How do I get my boarding pass with Southwest Early Bird check-in? 

If you are exploring an answer about how you can get a boarding pass for early bird check-in, then the airline reserves your boarding positions before 36 hours of flight departure. However, you can check in and download your passes before 24 hours. You can also reach the airport and receive your boarding passes. For Southwest airline's early check-in, It is advisable to report to the airport at times to avoid wasting time and process check-in services smoothly. 

Do you have to check in 24 hours before a flight to Southwest?

Passengers who purchase anytime fares from Southwest airlines  can automatically check in 36 hours prior before the actual departure scheduled

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