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How do I claim on KLM?

There are many passengers who, due to baggage loss, damage, or flight delay, wish to make a claim for the inconvenience caused. If you have also traveled with the airlines and you have had an unpleasant experience and wish to make a claim on KLM, then it is very important that you are well aware of the terms and conditions and the procedure. Detailed information about the same is provided in the following section. You can go through the details and use the information accordingly. 

KLM claim terms and conditions:

If due, for any reason, you want to make a claim from KLM Airlines; then you must be aware of the terms and conditions. Some of the important conditions are mentioned below:

  • If you wish to make a baggage claim due to the loss of your luggage, then you must fill out the online claim or contact the airlines only if, even after 21 days of arrival, your bags are not found.
  • Passengers must note that airlines are not liable to provide any claim for minor baggage damage like scratches, bag dents, or small marks. 
  • If your bags are delayed over 21 days, then you can claim KLM Airlines; in the case due to baggage delay, you have to purchase new items such as clothes or toiletries. 

The process to make a claim on KLM Airlines:

There are many travelers who wish to make claims on KLM Airlines, and they are unaware of the process. Such customers can simply fill out the online KLM claim form using the sequential steps given below and continue:

  • Visit the official website of KLM Airlines.
  • Login into your existing account if you have a KLM id and password.
  • Now once you get into your account, go to the customer support page of the airline.
  • Click on the link you want help with.
  • Soon you will come across the claim form; fill in all the mandatory details of the form.
  • Attach the supporting documents. 
  • Write your problem in the space provided, due to which you want a claim.
  • After carefully reviewing your entries, you must tap on the submit button to end the claim process. 
  • Soon you will receive a message on your linked email address about the claim being registered. 

Procedure to file a claim on KLM by contacting customer care services:

There are many chances in which customers fail to fill out the online claim form and search for an alternate medium to make a claim on KLM Airlines. They can directly contact the customer care services of the airline by dialing the official KLM phone number: +1 800 618 0104/+1 802 332 0104, and once the call is answered by an automated voice, they must follow the instructions to get associated with the representative handling issues related to the claim. Finally, they can discuss all the problems and collect all the claim-related information from the live representative directly. 

How to Check the KLM claim status?

If you have already used the details mentioned in the above section to file a claim and you wish to check the KLM claim status, then you can simply use the sequence of instructions given below and track your claim status:

  • Open KLM Airlines mobile application.
  • Go to the contact section, followed by logging into your existing account. 
  • You need to click on the track status link.
  • Now you are expected to enter “request name” and the passenger's last name and first name and tap on the “track my request” option.
  • Finally, you will be displayed the status of your claim. 

What is the time to get compensation from KLM?

After filing a claim form, several passengers are confused about how much time is consumed by the airlines to give back their money. The time might vary from 14 days to 28 days after your request is processed and verified. KLM claim processing time might fluctuate in some cases. 

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