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How do I contact Air France at Boston Logan International Airport?

Are you wondering if to get contact Air France at Boston logan international airport? Then below are the following best way that you can use to connect and below are the following all the information that is mentioned:-

Air France Boston Logan Airport Contact Information

Below are the following all the contact information that you can use to connect with air france boston logan airport, and below are the following all details are mentioned that assist you in quickly connecting with them:-

Air France Boston Logan Airport contact number- 1-800-23-LOGAN (1-800-235-6426)/(800) 237-2747/+1 304 701 2747

Email address-

Air France Boston Logan Airport working hours- from Monday to Friday, 10 to 12 hrs, and Saturday or Sunday, 14 to 16 hrs.

Official website of Air France-

For flight schedule-

To check the flight status-

For check-in, air France-

Air France Logan Airport baggage claim- 1-800-23-LOGAN (1-800-235-6426)

Terminals- Terminal E

How do I Speak to Air France at BOS Airport?

This is essential to speak to Air France at logan airport, and if you want to know the steps, then for that, here are following steps that you have to follow in a simple way and you have to follow the simple steps:-

Through the official phone number- this is the best way that a passenger can use to get connected with air france airline for that, they have to get the Air France Boston logan phone number, and when they get the number, they follow all the below-mentioned steps:-

Firstly, you have to access the official website of the air france airline and then move to the contact us tab, where you need to start searching for the official contact number. When you get the number then, dial that. After that, you will get in touch with a virtual service that will assist you in following the instructions to get connect with a real person and resolve the issues. 

How Early do I need to be at Logan Airport for the Air France flight?

If you are traveling on an Air France flight to logan airport, then for that, you need to be there early before the departure time. There are some distinctions that you require to know that according to the destinations; early timing depends, and here are if the destination is between Paris to Orly, then you need to be at Air France Boston terminals before the 15 minutes of departure time. And for all the other destinations or flights, you need to be there 20 minutes from departure time. 

By following all the details that are mentioned above will be advantageous for you and assist you in quickly following all the mentioned steps. There are all the details that you needed to get connected with customer services and still, if you need any other help then you can contact the expert to fix all the issues. 

phone3 +1 304 701 2747
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